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McAfeeDex – ‘for the people’ platform is carefree of the bureaucracy

John McAfee had become a very familiar demeanor amidst the crowdy mass with the announcement of his ‘without restrictions’ decentralized exchange platform- McAfeeDex which has already made him a discussed figure. On the top, the ‘NO KYC’ quote had simply added icing to the cake acting a huge mass puller. John has a history with crypto and a good experience after his past interactions with various crypto projects.

He is back after various ups and downs and the fluctuations he had come across before. He on several occasions had been perceived criticizing and rebelling the system, calling it a ‘’corrupt system’’ and blaming it for the cease of the overall development and progress of the masses and so he focused on making a platform that is highly decentralized. Previously he had also claimed that the government doesn’t like people speaking the truth and so they keep an eye on him. He also terms his upcoming exchange system a ‘for the people technology’ to show his dedication to the commons.

He firmly believes that because of government interferences, chaos is always among the people pulling them back before getting into something they are not very well aware of so he had always thrown an assertive statement

‘’The technology which is of the people must be for the people’’

John predicts the unfavorable and strict approach of SEC in advance as he tweeted about the same today but his strong faith in the technology of the exchange platform makes him claim ‘’there is nothing to shut down’’.

John seems to have taken something important from it and is too sure that his new technology is going to boost up the entire episode of crypto with forging ahead sign he highlights that the technology is smart enough to reside forever on the blockchain. While claiming the eternity of the platform he uses ‘forever’ for it.

‘’The SEC will come down hard on me for my wild west exchange in the crypto world, but there is nothing to shut down. Our technology is the smart contracts forever residing on the blockchain. Mcfeedex.com is just a window into it’’- John tweeted.

The tweet had mostly supportive responses pointing the stepping up publicity for the coming platform while some responses are even hoping to get even further advancements added to the same platform like availing the technologies for cross-chain trading. Many investors are requesting the addition of several cryptocurrencies with the upcoming platform.

Gold and Crypto Appreciation requests

‘’Can you somehow integrate BlockDXExchange so we can do cross-chain trading also’’

The statement at least shows the optimistic attitude of the masses with the platform coming where a huge number of investors are hopeful for a progressive fortune others also have great doubts whether the platform is going to meet their needs or will be outshined with the  future coming . While one anonymous user contradicted with John’s statement highlighting the supremacy of bureaucracy

‘’They can shut down your exchange in 3 hours if they want’’

While other optimistic user says

‘’I’m not sure how McADex works but I am sure it can made to work with a client program that doesn’t require you to go to the website’’

The sweetish sour responses of the people are multidirectional, some are hopeful while some seem to have doubts about the upcoming platform. John’s statement seems to challenge the system but it is not yet clear whether it was a confidence in the service being launched or ignorance to the mighty bureaucracy. For now, there is one universal truth that

Bureaucracy is mightier than John but the common people, the government is formed for, are mightier than the bureaucracy so it all depends on the public how keenly they get fascinated by the platform coming.

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