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MintCoin – An Energy Efficient Cryptocurrency Creating a Sustainable Future

It’s not too long since the blockchain has been invented and is still in its infancy, but its remarkable uses seem staggering. blockchain has the power to change our world for the better in many ways. It can provide unbanked people with digital wallets, prevent fraud and replace obsolete systems with more efficient systems. But we still need this new and improved world to be the one we want to live in.

The largest crypto-currencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum – require large amounts of energy to operate. cryptocurrency uses as much CO2 per year as 1 million transatlantic flights. We must take it seriously as a climate threat that poses a threat to the Paris agreement on climate change. It is a brutal consequence, even involuntary, for such a promising technology, and the “mining” is at the heart of the problem. All the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum all depend on “Proof of Work,” many newer block chains use incentive-based “Proof of Stake” (PoS) systems. of the market.

Pollution vs Sustainability

The virtual ‘mining’  of Bitcoins and other electronic forms (acquisition of coins/tokens by applying computer algorithms) has now reached epic proportions as the market explodes into a veritable gold rush. This expansion will only continue to grow. The demands for computing power now result in incredible energy consumption, equivalent to that of small endless countries in sight. The exploitation of Bitcoins and other digital currencies poses a serious environmental problem – a challenge that MintCoin wants to address with a simple and logical solution.

The use of green energy and environmentally friendly strategies for solving the biggest problem that Bitcoin and the booming cryptocurrency markets have brought to the planet – the huge carbon footprint of mining. MintCoin is the pioneer Proof-of-Stake coin to convert from Proof of Work in 2014. MintCoin is an environmentally friendly PoS coin designed with a dual purpose: to create both a growing store of value and a fast and efficient way to make daily transactions, while preserving the Earth from mining operations energy intensive.

MintCoin has been a purely community-driven project and is maintained by the Community since 2014. MintCoin is still passed on from developer to developer the current MintCoin team is formed on July 2018. MintCoin wallet has been updated addressing the instability issues faced by the community. This new wallet update was mandatory and the protocol adoption is necessary for the new changes to kick in.

Moral and Profitable

Those who are currently owning MintCoin can get benefit in different ways. The holders can increase their balance with reliable annual interest rates. MintCoin can multiply your staking within twenty days, the new currency will be provided to its holders at an annual rate of 5%. This rate of 5% is chosen as the optimal amount expected to generate the most profit for coin holders, without causing greater problems for the coin.

Unlike most other Proof of Stake coins, anyone can earn interest, whether you own a MintCoin or a Million. Proof of stake begins after at least 20 days of holding coins in the office portfolio, currently available at

The Release of “Living Roadmap”

The word living roadmap might sound new to some, but it is the flagship feature of MintCoin, which will continue their legacy to grow decades and decade. Through their living roadmap, MintCoin is inviting the community to submit projects in the form of crowdfunding projects. These can range from environmental projects (for example, financing the construction of a specific wind farm) to ideas related to blockchain (for example, improving the speed of transactions) to media-related plans (for example, develop a simple Mint game or a mobile application for MintCoin).

Then the submitted projects will be evaluated by MintCoin committee within 4 weeks with a level of difficulty and a suggested cost. After which the project will be published for the MintCoin community to vote. Then the community can vote the desired project and donate to the wallet address of project owners. After the end of the voting process, the fund from the losing projects will be returned to the sender, except the fund from the anonymous sender will be added to MintCoin Developer Fund. The winning projects will be selected by the community on the basis of their difficulty level. This is the goal that MINT will achieve for next year depending on the project plan for the larger project.

The MintCoin is currently available on cryptopia, coinexchange, southexchange, boaexchange, and novaexchange. MintCoin will be listed on a Dutch-based Exchange Nlexch, where available pairs will be MINT/BTC, MINT/BCH, MINT/LTC, MINT/NLG, MINT/DOGE, MINT/XRP, MINT/USDT, and MINT/ETH. Also, MintCoin will be listed on Excoincial Exchange, which is a part of AFRICUNIA, a blockchain digital Bank.

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