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Mystery Unresolved: Is Neal Stephenson the most famous Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto?

The science fiction legend, Neal Stephenson of ‘Snow Crash’ fame might be the Bitcoin Creator, as suggested in the recent article. He is compared to Satoshi Nakamoto in the article stating that: “Consider the possibility that Neal Stephenson is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin.” But let’s not go around and name everyone as Satoshi Nakamoto, as looking at the one side, it doesn’t even matter but at the other, it could be the breaking news and will be a focus to so many people.

From the CEO of a serious Cryptocurrency exchange, an E-mail has been received by this reporter showing a strong belief to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But we must not conclude any idea if someone doesn’t accept that they are Satoshi Nakamoto themselves. For their intelligence, we can appreciate them saying that they have invented Blockchain without whispering to one and other. The author writes: “I am not saying that Neal Stephenson is Satoshi Nakamoto. What I am saying is: Would it really be surprised if he were?”

But it isn’t a new thing. Many other people previously had claimed that they are Satoshi Nakamoto. There was one guy who had gone court for that too. He loves to seek the attention of people being called Satoshi Nakamoto. Although he hasn’t had any Cryptographic proof for his claim. It would be really surprising if someone emerges with the proof of his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto.

As it seems to gather attention, it doesn’t sound good to gather the attention of people in the name of famous people. Nobody can claim with the word of mouth that somebody is Satoshi Nakamoto. It needs proof, a strong proof. Well, there must be a question in some people’s mind that why does it matter so much? Yes, surprisingly it does. As being Satoshi Nakamoto, is an achievement, a crown on the head itself.

So getting deeper, we got to understand about this mix-up more clearly. Neal Stephenson is a person who had described the concepts of Cryptocurrency many years before Bitcoin has emerged into reality. With the lesser known facts, we can conclude that Stephenson is a person who has spent most of his time understanding the concepts and the challenges of Cryptocurrency. Although Stephenson doesn’t play any direct role in Bitcoin, it will be not worthy to say that the one who was its creators were not influenced by his writings.

No doubt he is a genius, but so is many in this field. The most primary genius in Blockchain is one who has resolved the issue of trust between the users. Bitcoin system using decentralized blocks and ledgers had gained a single trusted party so far. Since every other trader or customer has to believe and trust the system in order to stay together and work, either by choice or not, thus they don’t have to depend on on the corrupted third party. Thus concluding our study, we can say that for Neal Stephenson to be Satoshi Nakamoto is just another rumored story, same as all previous one, without any strong evidence.

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