MyWish (WISH)

We all know what smart contracts are, but how does regular Joe from Alabama do a smart contract? The client side interface and ease of use of a smart contract is very important, and this is what MyWish (WISH) is trying to accomplish.

They’ve already developed applications for weddings, wills, and insurance. Real estate is on the roadmap. But the main problem that they’re the first mover in, is who inherits your cryptocurrencies in the unfortunate event of your death? In cryptocurrency terms, this is the “lost key problem.” The WISH team is developing smart contract solutions for all these problems.

  • Working product with a wedding contract, lost key contract, will contract and deferred payment.
  • Roadmap suggests major innovations such as BTC contracts in the short term.

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Puerto Rico to Create Advisory Council for “Blockchain”

Petro rico crypto

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