MyWish (WISH)

We all know what smart contracts are, but how does regular Joe from Alabama do a smart contract? The client side interface and ease of use of a smart contract is very important, and this is what MyWish (WISH) is trying to accomplish.

They’ve already developed applications for weddings, wills, and insurance. Real estate is on the roadmap. But the main problem that they’re the first mover in, is who inherits your cryptocurrencies in the unfortunate event of your death? In cryptocurrency terms, this is the “lost key problem.” The WISH team is developing smart contract solutions for all these problems.

  • Working product with a wedding contract, lost key contract, will contract and deferred payment.
  • Roadmap suggests major innovations such as BTC contracts in the short term.

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Bitcoin is Preparing For the Biggest Bull Run After the 4% Decrement

Bitcoin Bullish

Bitcoin is still under bearish momentum with price trading at $8,787.59 struggling to surge. Slightest Recovery of 0.63% witnessed in the price of Bitcoin recently. The BTC/USD Pair found major support at $8,600, $8,500 and $8300. The BTC/USD Pair found major resistance at $8,880, $8,980 and $9,000. The traders and onlookers of the Bitcoins’ trade …

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Fukushima Bank Of Japan to Join With Ripples’ Moneytap

Ripple Moneytap japan bank

The Fukushima Bank of Japan is integrating Ripple powered MoneyTap. Japanese financial organization SBI Holdings Inc. has shaped a capital merge with Fukushima Bank Ltd. The announcement expresses that MoneyTap will help Fukushima Bank to increase client comfort while reducing operational expenses. The new partnership with SBI holdings and due …

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Dogecoin is Reflecting Bulls Against USD While Bears Hold The Market Cap

Dogecoin Price Analysis

The major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are under bearish pressure while the price of Dogecoin shows bullish momentum and surge by 0.08%. The Doge/USD Pair founds major support at $0.002713, $0.002651 and $0.002615. The Doge/USD Pair founds major resistance at $0.002811, $0.002847 and $0.002909. Dogecoin showed an immense level of bullish behaviour in the …

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Bitcoin Optimism: A New Survey Claims Bitcoin Will Crush The S&P 500

Bitcoin (6)

Chainalysis has yielded an optimistic review of Bitcoin’s future through its recent survey This survey was conducted with 350 participants from different financial sectors including banking employees, economic analysts, regulatory agencies, service providers and many others. As per the survey, people are positive that Bitcoin will surpass and crush the S&P …

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How IDEX 2.0 ‘Rollup’ Designs Deal with ETH Scaling Problems


Amidst curiosity about how the ‘rollup’ features are going to address the ETH’s scaling problem, let’s move into a bit profound but fruitful analysis to understand the overall system. Data and computation are the two backbones and the critical cost factors of Ethereum transactions. The newly designed rollup keys will …

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