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NEM Price Prediction (XEM/USD): Will XEM Reach the Top 5 Rank Any Soon?

Each and every one of us can at least agree to one fact when it comes to the crypto world, i.e., Privacy is and should be the first priority while dealing with cryptocurrency. It isn’t long enough since the hacking of tether took place that shook the entire crypto market. And once again the never-ending debate of privacy came into the market.

It’s probably at these periods when those cryptocurrencies that look after the security of the user started to gain prominence.

NEM is one of those cryptocurrencies and truth be told, it left no stones unturned in becoming one of the most renowned cryptocurrencies since then.

A bit more about the NEW ECONOMY MOVEMENT

NEM (New Economy Movement), launched 31st March 2015, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency as well as a blockchain platform that primarily focuses on providing security to the cryptocurrency assets. Adding to this it also involves in modifying the algorithm into a much more scalable one.

NEM has been a reliable platform because of several reasons and one of them is the fact that it quite actively responds whenever there is a spammer who illegally intrudes into a network. In fact, NEM shuts them down as well.

One of the most imperative facts that makes this firm one of its kind is the fact that they never focused on smart contracts but came with a whole new concept of smart assets. These are basically assets which have a high amount of security as well as required scalability.


In simple words, In 2019, NEM is perhaps going to be on the profitable quarter of its entire journey. According to some of the expert analysts, 2019 will perhaps witness NEM bagging its spot within the Top 5 cryptocurrencies at present. This is actually one of the most imperative reasons why the majority of investors are interested in this cryptocurrency.

As far as the present scenario is concerned, the investors are not yet worried about the currency losing its value as it has not attained much greater peaks yet.

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