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NEM (XEM) Price Analysis : Past, Present and Future

The Intelligent Crypto ‘NEM’ was started on March 31, 2015. NEM is the abbreviation of “New Economy Movement”. It is a  two-layered blockchain, It is created using Java and JavaScript with a hint of C++ version in its development. It uses accurate and 100% original code. Other than the natural crypto, NEM has additive functional features using ‘Proof of ImportanceAlgorithm’.

During the launch of NEM, its genesis block production was fixed at 8,999,999,999 XEM. It gives its users peer-to-peer (P2P) encrypted messaging system, multi-signature accounts, and the Eigentrust++ reputation system.

The notable advantages of NEM include the Blockchain technology which offers state of the art streamlined method of maintaining a secure ledger of transactions compared to a traditional database. This further enhances the performance of Blockchain, all due to the coding of this platform and design was created from scratch. NEM’s private Blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers.

The NEM was developed as a digital coin in the year 2016. This development was based on the following features.

  • International recognition- NEM has received and has been recognized as a digital coin and its distribution was entirely based in Japan during the start, and in the further time, it became popular throughout Asia. Now it’s aiming at worldwide recognition in the cryptocurrency market.
  • As a part of the cryptocurrency regime, the mined digital coins of NEM are distributed fairly with financial aid.

This cryptocurrency, NEM belongs to the second generation of digital coins. In the cryptocurrency market, NEM is named as XEM for trading, buying and selling. It uses a unique protocol for easy distribution in a fair manner to its users.

NEM (XEM) Price Statistics

NEM digital coin was introduced in 31st of March in the year 2015, The circulating supply of NEM during its launch was 8,999, 999,999 XEM and it’s market cap was a staggering $407,147,499 USD. The value in Bitcoins is 40,587 BTC. If NEM was invested during its launch, the ROI (Return of Investment) as of now would be upwards of 9000% (>9000%). NEM ranks at 25 in the current market and its value for 1 NEM is $0.045239 USD.

The peak value of NEM was achieved on January 04, 2018 at $2.09 USD and its least value on September 15, 2015, with $0.000079 USD. In the previous week, it traded at its highest of $0.049508 USD and reduced to $0.042383. In the last 24 hours, NEM hit the highest of $0.046597 USD and reduced to 27% of its value and traded at $0.045124. Trade volume for the last 24 hours was at $13,297,243.

NEM has shown Bullish behavior for most of its trade but also contains Bearish movement alongside. Majorly considering the ROI of NEM from its launch (ROI- >9000%) it would be definitely a positive yield for its investors and the trading graphs shows Bullish Movement for the future trades. One is advised to study the market and trade thoroughly before making any further decisions.

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