The market feels that 2018 was a bad year for cryptocurrency and it can be rightly said so while the crypto market was slow the industry grew. People have started investing and reinvesting in cryptocurrencies which have given them a fortune. There is no doubt that this sector is really growing and is putting a footprint in the financial sector across the globe. There are ups and downs associated with every kind of market and crypto market is not an exception.

Large companies and the people who really interested in cryptocurrencies feel that this is the future. This is where people will invest and become really rich, with new products, services and innovations in the crypto world the enthusiasm of people are even higher. With every big company ready to look forward towards cryptocurrencies, it is giving investors an impetus to move towards investing in them.

The crypto world is about to give us blockchain consumer goods and this is will be a reality by 2020 and thus the worlds will be able to see tangible benefits of the cryptocurrencies. There are many upcoming crypto gears such as cards, phones, hardware, wallets, key storage, and many others. The wallets include BitBox, OpenDime, Trezor Model T and others. The storage includes Cryptosteel, Backplate, Crypto Key stack and many more. These gears are really going to attract people towards investing in cryptocurrency and hence are going to support the crypto market as well. These gears make the market look stylish and fun, people are really too high tech in today’s time and these gears are really an added bonus for the crypto owners.

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