Oyster Pearl (PRL)

Oyster Pearl (PRL) is the altcoin I’ve been dreaming about for a while. It solves exactly the sort of problem you would expect the new generation of cryptocurrencies to solve: ads. Now if you’re using this website without adblock, you’ll notice advertisements within the content and in the sidebar. Someone has to pay the bills.

PRL eradicates that clutter and intrusiveness of display advertising while ensuring content creators like us don’t get punished for it. PRL uses the IOTA Tangle to store users’ files, and uses a website visitor’s GPU and CPU processing power to ensure those files are maintained on the distributed ledger. It also uses the Ethereum blockchain with its PRL ERC20 tokens to pay out content providers who have integrated this technology on their website.

Yes, I too have a lot of questions about the implementation of this tech over a wide variety of websites. But internet ad revenue grows every year, and if PRL can capture a small market of that, it has the potential to be huge.

  • Solves a mass consumer problem with two existing technologies, IOTA and Ethereum.
  • High volume compared to market cap, which is a good sign for growth.

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