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Poland cryptocurrency group subjected a formal complaint against Polish government

On 27th June, the Polish Bitcoin Association (PSB) confirmed that fifteen “financial institutions” it has just become the subject of a formal complaint to a Polish government authority by cryptocurrency group.

On 26th June the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP) wrote a letter to PSB, which has not published the full text of its complaint, claiming that local banks will deliberately be denying to give its services to cryptocurrency entities and selectively closing accounts.

“The effects of the banks’ actions described clearly aim at removing virtual currency entities from the market, despite the fact that such activities are legal and conducted with dignity,” Finance Magnates quotes a translated segment as stating, which continues:

“In view of the above, action by the regulators is necessary, and this notice and [its] requests are fully substantiated.”

To the Press, it remains unknown whether the OCCP will accept or act on the complaint and according to the PSB, a total 52 businesses need to have a bank account refusals, on another hand, there have been seen their accounts closed.

Last month the Poland government and other financial working have recently announced plans to take a negative stance towards cryptocurrency investing for consumers and to conduct s social media campaign on the risk of crypto investments. The country’s Central Bank has admitted in mid-February that  “they had secretly funded a $27,000 anti-crypto campaign about a man losing all his money after investing in cryptocurrencies”.


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