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Report: Michael Patryn, Co-Founder of QuadrigaCX is Actually Omar Dhanani Alleges

QuadrigaCX is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform. The company aims to help in buying and selling of the Bitcoin thus making the process easier. The company was founded by Michael Patryn and Gerald Cotton. In our earlier article, we have reported about Gerald Cotton who was found dead in mysterious circumstances in Rajasthan, India and how the digital currencies worth millions of dollars were missing from e-wallets of Gerald Cotton.

The laptop of Gerald which was supposed to have these millions of dollars worth of digital currency were password protected and the password is not known to anyone. The wallets were empty. Moreover, there were reports that he might have faked his own death. Now it seems that Gerald’s c co-founder exchange Michael Patryn is also surrounding some controversy according to the Bloomberg report. The company was already in a legal and financial fix after Gerald Cotton’s death as it owed sums to the people now this situation is adding to the troubles of the company.

Michael Patryn is currently based in Vietnam and serving as founder and chairman at Fintech Venture Group (FVG). The Bloomberg report alleges that Michael Patryn’s actual name is Omar Dhanani and he is a convicted felon. Omar Dhanani has previously been convicted of identity theft to bank and credit card fraud and sentenced to 18 months in a United States federal prison.

According to reports, Michael Patryn had left the company in 2016 over some disputes with his co-founder Gerald. But he along with his partner Lovie Horner. According to Bloomberg, Omar Dhanani changed his identity to Michael Patryn a crypto entrepreneur and worked with QuadrigaCS for 13 years. But the report clearly alleges that the person who is pretending to be Michael Patryn is actually Omar Dhanani who pleaded guilty to separate cases of computer fraud and burglary.

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