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RIPPLE OR KRONN , What Would You Choose?

Bitcoin, a currency that is renowned for its excessive fluctuations, as well as notoriously volatile movement, is most of the time vilified for these actions. Moreover one can never deny the fact that this is perhaps the most terrible fear that rules the majority of the population’s hearts.

However, where most of the traders, as well as beginners, are busy figuring whether or not Bitcoin is a trustworthy platform, the actual blockchain development is on the shoulders of the startups like Kronn as well as Ripple.

Well KRONN and Ripple, two blockchain FinTech companies, have actually managed to gather worldwide attention in a really short span of time. However, the crypto market is still in a deep dilemma about the fact that who is the better one out of these two.

Listed below are some of the most imperative facts that might help you figure out the actual boss out of these two:


• KRONN VENTURES AG, a Swiss FinTech company that gathered enormous appreciation as well as attention for developing the first mass-adoptable as well as beautifully designed app. This app primarily focuses on a much simplified as well as easy money transfer worldwide.
As far as its services are concerned, KRONN provides it not only for the enterprises but also for the everyday users.

• RIPPLE, an American tech company which was initially founded for a gross settlement system. With the passage of time, Ripple somehow managed to include a currency exchange as well as remittance network too.

However, it never provided a user-level app or even an interface. That is why, unlike KRONN, it isn’t available for everyday users, which sometimes hampers its market as well.


• It might seem strange but despite being unavailable for everyday users, Ripple is perhaps the one with better relationships with Banks as well as manages a better reputation in the market.
Till date, Ripple has created a high as well as circulating supply of its native token, i.e., XRP-to the tune of 100 billion coins.

• While on the other hand, KRONN could manage only 980 million coins, moreover all of them without holding an ICO to raise funds.


The aim of both of these differs on a large scale when it comes about their future goals with their companies.

• Ripple, firmly believes that all of its modifications as well as services are primarily focused for the enterprise-level organizations only and not for everyday users.

• KRONN, on the other hand, is all set to commercialize the actual need of blockchain. It aims to spend its funds on a global as well as mass-adoption scale.

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