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Ripple XRP Faces Uncertainty in the Future – The Face or A technology of The Past ?

Ripple XRP is a blockchain platform as well as a cryptocurrency that has been a mainstay in the crypto community in terms of recognition and popularity. Ripple has often been complimented for being a better cryptocurrency and blockchain platform due to its very strong team, good marketing drive and an overall better and working product. Ripple’s fate has been a question of discussion lately and what the future holds for them is speculative.

Ripple Is A Game Changer But Not Unique Anymore

Ripple Network is a very strong network and used by many. The praise and recognition all it gets is certainly good, but it does not translate outside of the crypto community. There are many networks providing facilities for blockchain operations that also have their own cryptocurrency, most notable ones include Ethereum. But, data suggests that TRX Tron and EOS are more used on the network than ETH.

While that was about network competition, some people are bullish in favor of XRP. Some say that it will hit 50 cents (the US $0.50). The price going that high is optimistic and realistic at the same time. Well, it all depends upon the timing of the rise as the market also plays a huge role.

Adaptation of Mainstream Market Being A Factor of Survival

With more and more banks and companies choosing to adapt to blockchain technology for their own purposes, they have looking to use many platforms for their work. With this, it is possible for Ripple to become the face of providing a platform for digital ledgers. While it could be the opposite also, where Ripple is set aside and everyone else gets in a collaboration with a bank or a company. Every bank is not looking forward to creating their own digital ledger like JP Morgan, so it is a great opportunity for the mainstream market to get involved with the crypto community and remove the prejudice of it. While this is inevitable, the future of Ripple can be anything.

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