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Scam Alert: Fake Bitcoin Platform Promises Return of 4000%

The people are so enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency nowadays that they believe anything in the news, but they should beware of the fake news and scammers. Nowadays, scammers are endorsing a never existing and harmful investment or trading platform for Bitcoin cryptocurrency utilizing the popular media and news articles.

Fake Advertising in the name of Popular Celebrities: Scammers just not stop at popular news articles and media use, they went beyond this and utilizes many popular celebrities face advertising the fake platform with the name of “Bitcoin Profit”. They are using the name of some very popular figures including Kate Winslet and Andrew Forrest (an Australian businessman).

The scam was first called out and reported by the Mirror, which is a U.K. based news firm. Winslet uses the Mirror platform to call out these scammers for utilizing her pictures for their advertising without her consent and advertising wrong statements by her name.

This fake advertise doesn’t end here they are saying that the platform is secured by the popular business figure including Tesla’s Elon Musk, Microsoft’ Bill Gates, and Virgin group’s Richard Branson. The platform is one of the most absurd scams to come out of the underworld of the cryptocurrency community. The company is just not using their names they are also showing their pictures with their investment balance sheet in the Bitcoin and also their returns.

The interesting thing is that each star’s balance is just the same exception is only they are altering the symbol of cryptocurrency. In just one week, the scammers are trying to convince that after purchasing $10,394 BTC is providing a return of around $421,226 around 4,110%.

One of the spokesperson has given a statement to the Mirror and said,

“This misleading promotion is completely disingenuous and category false. We are dealing with this through the appropriate channels.”

Along with the ‘Bitcoin Profit’ scam and other cryptocurrency scamming on different platforms who are trying to use a well-known figure’s name to lure people to invest in false schemes and fake platforms. This is not something new and scammers are trying to take advantage of the less knowledge of technical aspect in the crypto community and people. As on the other hand, the authorities are warning about the need for the new regulation policy.

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