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Stablecoins are Crypto Sector’s Next Big Bet

Stablecoins has become a very popular in year 2018 and Tether has taken lead over all the stablecoins. Now what does stablecoins means actually? Stablecoins are an exciting type of cryptocurrencies which are stable and are pegged (or linked) to real-world assets such as fiat like (USD, EUR, CNY or JPY) and sometimes even gold or oil, so as to keep their value stable unlike the price of BTC or ETH which keeps varying in USD every time.

A majority of investors, traders traders were redeeming their stablecoins for digital currencies, as well as fiat currencies to exit the crypto market on minimized losses nad if once this volatility settled crypto whales will set a big future on stablecoins. This year ended with the depression of Bitcoin and Ethereum losing 80%- 90% and has lost a billions in crypto market this year but only stablecoins has kept a faith and added billions in crypto market and keep the crypto market stable.

As per report, the stablecoins has touched almost 3 Billions this year and almost 120 stablecoins projects has been added this year, according to analyst this is the only source the crypto industry is outsourcing the stablecoin for secured future profit in a source of betting.

Recently, new stablecoin has been added in a cryptocurrency list i.e, Gemini Bitcoin exchange lauched in September by  Winklevoss Twins whereas, a Goldman Sachs partnered with a US bitcoin exchange Coinbase to launch a USD Coin also -backed crypto group.

Now launch of new stablecoins is becoming a competitions for other leading cryptocurrencies right  now like , which includes more modern stablecoin projects like TrueUSD, Paxos, and Maker, in addition to Gemini Dollar and USD Coin their are showing best performance than Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, etc.



The day is not far away when these coins will the cryptomarket as per market makers set aims no only these market are included in this but Social media platforms are also going to add many schemes like Facebook has already announced that it would introduce a stablecoin to power p2p payments on its WhatsApp messenger. This is quit interesting and amazing news for user of stablecoin 


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