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Stolen Bitcoin from 2016 Bitfinex hack got moved to unknown wallet

Let’s go to the flashback when Bitcoin was stolen from a crypto exchange Bitfinex in the year 2016 has again been moved in some unknown wallet from the hacker’s wallet on 7th June 2019, as seen on a tweet made by, a tracker of Crypto transaction. At the day time 06:08 AM UTC, 185 Bitcoin or $1.5 million changed its address from the hackers account to some unknown one, and it amazed everyone.

What? How? Why? No one knows. What’s known that the stolen Bitcoin was about $0.15% of the 120,000 BTC that had got stolen back in 2016, and it is worth up to $72 million at that time. But today, it is equivalent to $973 million. According to The Next Web, a tech publication, director of Bitfinex, Anneka Dew claimed that these fishy movements didn’t hold any connection with the company.

Earlier in May, Bitfinex has raised $ 1 billion for the token it provides at the time of its initial exchange. On 8th May 2019, Bitfinex in its white paper stated that the exchange is trying its best to plan and perform different strategies that will result in the recovery of all the funds that were got stolen in 2016. And they proved themselves right! In the collaboration to United States Authorities, Exchange recovers Cryptocurrency of about 28 BTC that was $104,000 in the year 2016.

On 20th May 2019, Bitfinex has launched trading of LEO token. Against all other Cryptocurrencies, 1 tether (USDT) UNUS SED LEO is purposed to provide the facilities to all the traders of Bitfinex.

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