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Sun continues to delude and broadens the horizon of scandals

It had so happened once that sun had promised a loyal Tron fan a model of tesla 3 but ended up breaking his promise and awarding it to someone else. However, he had to revoke his promise to the fan under pressure.

It is surmised that the mingling of the sun and Tron will be darkening all hopes. Their partnership is going on well and lively and the partners are expecting a bit of stable coin in their pockets. Justin’s tweet promises 20 million on USDT. However, this is also under doubt like the promises made prior to this. This promise is also labeled “unreasonable” as no one will be receiving 20 million in cash straight. With an extension to this, it also has to be noticed that one cannot simply be a recipient of 20 million cash unless the person already has some.

USDT has have been going slow these days as only two million is circulating on it instead of a hundred million. The Tron foundation is already an issuer of one million annualised bonuses as they had already mentioned in their own blog.

The Tron foundation and sun as well seems to be circumscribed in scandals which also surrounds tether. According to the reports, one million of the funds have been distributed so far. There are other scandals as well and it seems that the reputation of the Tron foundation has severely been tainted. these scandals are not just any grapevine abuzz but are concretised with certain evidence.

On Tether

Tether limited’s reserves are questioned as well as it is involved in scandals as well. It bears the blame of spawning a sequence of events that may be around 74% having the backing of U.S. dollar. Such scandals as it has been reported, is yet to be resolved which surrounds the massive pile of cash that was invested in tether from the time of it’s inception in 2014.

On Sun

Sun was recently spotted praising Chinese socialism and dispelled all rumors that he was on the lose from the Chinese authorities. He has also apologised for not being reverent towards a scientific journal in china which was the main source of accusations.

Sun has also headed on to construct a pretext of being troubled by kidney stones on the subsequent cancellation of an event of utmost importance which is widely doubted.

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