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SWAPS.NETWORK revolutionizes OTC market

At the beginning of 2019, it became clear that the volume of OTC (over-the-counter) market is growing rapidly, up to $30 billion per day trade. Earlier, Bloomberg noted the significant increase in the number of institutional investors in the OTC cryptocurrency market.

In recent months, many major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, Huobi, and others have launched own centralized OTC desks. Most exchanges implement using solutions that require additional modifications and high user confidence.

Also, existing OTC solutions have serious disadvantages:

  • Need for a third party (escrow)
  • Many intermediate agents in one deal
  • Low transparency
  • High-risk of fraud

All of these reasons have led to an increase in OTC services and the creation of SWAPS.NETWORK – an OTC Global Liquidity Pool. It accumulates all OTC deals on the market and connects sellers and buyers from around the world.

SWAPS.NETWORK provides fully decentralized OTC solutions. Users can make OTC deals without a 3rd party or escrow. 

SWAPS NETWORK provides a solution to the OTC trading with the following features:

  • Fully decentralized
  • No volume limits
  • Any trading pairs supported
  • Ability to set a Brokerage Fee
  • Trading of unlisted tokens
  • User-friendly interface

The development team is well known in the field of creating smart contracts and has a strong reputation in the market. Therefore, SWAPS.NETWORK is supported by such partners as BW.com, Bitforex, COSS, and Bestrate.

According to the Founder of SWAPS.NETWORK – Vladimir Tikhomirov:

“In 2020 we plan to be the OTC provider for most crypto exchanges and brokers. Therefore, we have chosen a strategy based not on the distribution of the service but on integration with major players in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges.”

SWAPS.NETWORK launched an IEO on COSS. It will be till 30th of August. 

Currently, SWAPS NETWORK is available for the Ethereum-based tokens, while the dev team is working for the EOS, NEO, TRON and Bitcoin blockchains integration. Additionally, the development of cross-blockchain swaps is included in the Roadmap.

Go to SWAPS.NETWORK to start OTC trading.

Join OTC revolution!

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