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Top three Cryptocurrencies Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple and bullish movement


The cryptocurrency market is full of uncertainty and surprises for everyone in the community and as well as to the other markets too. Two days ago Bitcoin was under the bearish correction and its price goes down below $10K. Everybody in the market thought that now the increase in the …

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Prime Factor Capital being the first Crypto hedge fund to be approved under UK regulations


According to the Bloomberg reports, the first crypto hedge fund that has been approved as the full scope alternative investment fund manager by the Financial Conduct Authority was none other than Prime Factor Capital. Although it has been approved by the UK supervisory body, the firm will abide according to …

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Cryptocurrency market update: Bitcoin’s bulls are back in action

Overpaying $700 fee for $1 Billion Bitcoin

On July 02th, 2019, the cryptocurrency market was under the massive bearish correction. The bitcoin’s value falls down below the mark of $10,000 USD and were trading around the value of $9,700. All other cryptocurrencies and altcoins were also suffering from a similar fate. The bitcoin value suffered the correction …

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BIS To Help Embrace FinTech by Launching ‘Innovation Hub’ for financial technology


BIS (The Bank for International Settlements) is trying to set up a shop in order to aid officials who need help to develop their own digital currencies by helping them embrace financial technology. On Sunday, the BIS, which promotes cooperation among the world’s monetary officials, announced that it was starting …

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Lil Bubble’s new song ‘All time low’, After altcoins fail surge Bitcoin’s value

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The cryptocurrency market was going strong a week ago and the world’s biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s value was above the clouds, but all of sudden the value of the currency almost dropped down by 10% bearish correction today. The market came down harder then it came down the previous year. The …

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Bitcoin’s Sudden Decline A Temporary Setback, Traditional Financial Services Get Ready for Comeback

Bitcoin Prediction: power Law model

Bitcoin has seen a quick rise up and then suddenly went down. While this was due to multiple reasons Bitcoin has now been fluctuating between bigger margins that would excite any investor. After its drop from highs of US $13,000 to a still-modest $10,000 on Friday, it again had a …

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TRON’s CEO Announcement: Justin Sun and Warren Buffett will have lunch together on 25th July


  As we are already known to the high-profile nature of the upcoming lunch of Justin Sun with Warren Buffett, it might be our first thought that he would play his cards close to the vest. Well, Justin Sun has recently announced on social media about “three-Michelin starred restaurant in…historic …

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Wikileaks’ Former Payment Processor’s Venture Awarded with ISP license to Disrupt West Africa’s Billion Dollar telecom Market


The Former payment processor of WikiLeaks, and the CEO of Cajutel, Andreas fink recently took his twitter to announce, that Cajutel is awarded ISP license to start operations in Sierra Leone. We are proud to announce that @Cajutel has achieved Tier 1 #ISP #Data #Services #License to start its operations …

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Three Reasons Why Bitcoin’s 40% Move in a Week Isn’t Good


Bitcoin was enjoying it’s bullish really in the cryptocurrency market from the previous two weeks. This bullish really of bitcoin hit everyone with surprise, but everyone was happy that after the bearish pressure of 2018, now bitcoin’s value is finally raising. Everyone enjoyed the bullish really and even predicted that …

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