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Is the Bitcoin Boom Imminent ? Growth Predictions Suggest So


Bitcoin has made a strong comeback after plummeting down from lows of less than the US $10,000 to now sitting comfortably above the $12,000 barrier. Bitcoin’s comeback has increased the already big hype around the currency’s growth figures which can go up exponentially at any time. Bitcoin’s growth trends this …

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Bitcoin’s Sudden Decline A Temporary Setback, Traditional Financial Services Get Ready for Comeback

Bitcoin Prediction: power Law model

Bitcoin has seen a quick rise up and then suddenly went down. While this was due to multiple reasons Bitcoin has now been fluctuating between bigger margins that would excite any investor. After its drop from highs of US $13,000 to a still-modest $10,000 on Friday, it again had a …

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Next Target $7,000!

Bitcoin price Down by 13% in last 30 days

Bitcoin (BTC) was created by a mysterious figure Satoshi Nakamoto,  BTC was designed to allow users to store and transfer value without resorting to intermediaries or centralized institutions such as banks. Since its creation in 2009, Bitcoin has been very popular and was praised for its potential to compete with …

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Bitcoin’s Price Indicator Turns Bullish First Time after Highs of 2018


The “super guppy” indicator of the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has turned to positive for the first time after their early highs of January 2018 in a signal verification of bias bull on the regular list and providing clues of developing bullish force as the bitcoin block profit halving in …

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