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Ethereum Network is here for the long run thus leading the pathway for the rest of the market too, believes Jehan Chu


Ethereum, one of those rare altcoins that never fails to show its potentiality to the crypto market every year. Moreover, its hard forks and implementation of sophisticated as well as effective upgradation every year makes it one of a kind. Well speaking about the present scenario, since the start of …

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Trump’s ‘Flirting With Mutually Assured Economic Destruction’ says Crypto Critics Nouriel Roubini

Trump, West Palm Beach, USA – 02 Mar 2018

  In an article published on MarketWatch, crypto critic Nouriel Roubini affirmed that the risk of a financial market has developed significantly, mainly due to President Trump. While stock exchange lists became 20% in 2017, markets have been exchanging sideways for a major part of 2018, followed by steep drops across several …

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Mike Novogratz says Bitcoin [BTC] Price Hike was Like a ‘Drug’ Frenzy, But Prices won’t go to Zero


Michael Novogratz, a previous accomplice at Goldman Sachs and famously called the “pretty substance of cryptocurrency”, said that he is presently the appalling essence of the bust. Addressing Bloomberg, he pointed at SEC endorses on certain ICOs and the vulnerability encompassing Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork as the purposes for Bitcoin’s …

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Crypto Market Drops $14 Billion Amid ETF Rejection


An Expected drop in the market witnessed amid ETF proposal rejection by SEC. This news has not been sudden, it was very much expected still crypto market highlights immatureness. Generally, $14 billion dumped out of cryptocurrency as total market cap dipped under $210 billion a couple of hours prior. Bitcoin …

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