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Vitalik Buterin: Higher Ethereum Price Good for Security and Development of Ecosystem

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum (ETH) co-founder says that top ether price is vital each for network security and therefore the wider ecosystem’s development. Buterin created his remarks throughout associate his remark in an interview for Laura Shin’s crypto-focused “Unchained,” hosted at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and live-streamed on March 20. In response to Shin’s question on whether or not protocol designers and project leaders ought to be specializing in the question …

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News: Ethereum’s Proposed ProgPoW Mining Algorithm Is Solving ‘Non-Existent’ Problems

Ethereum (ETH) core devs another time mentioned the projected Application Specific  Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-resistant Proof of work (PoW) formula ProgPoW throughout their weekly meeting on March fifteen. This week, the devs once more reached an overall accord that the formula ought to be enforced, whereas the timeline for its implementation remains unclear. When discussing the formula, the developers argued over however effective ProgPoW can convince be at decreasing the potency advantage of ASICs. Ethereum core developer Greg Colvin noted that the team has mentioned such …

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Overstock’s Blockchain Subsidiary Buys Stake in Banking Platform

According to a press release a Retail large, Inc.’s blockchain subsidiary, Medici Ventures, has acquired a stake in blockchain banking platform Bankorus. Medici Ventures has purchased a 5.1 percent stake in Bankorus, a blockchain banking platform that permits each people and establishments to shop for, sell, lend and store digital assets. Jonathan Johnson, president of MediciVentures, said that “the addition of Bankorus to Medici Ventures’ portfolio of corporations can more our …

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The market feels that 2018 was a bad year for cryptocurrency and it can be rightly said so while the crypto market was slow the industry grew. People have started investing and reinvesting in cryptocurrencies which have given them a fortune. There is no doubt that this sector is really …

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Ethereum Faces Software ‘Fork’

Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, was doing its upgrading of software on Thursday. The experts and analysts anticipated that it will go to decrease its supply in the market. The updating of software network by Ethereum to decrease the costs, difficulties of interactions and its blockchain communications. It will …

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Crypto Market Recover in Short- Term Correction, Ethereum Falls 6%

In last 24 hours the cryptocurrency market has shaken up, and Ethereum recorded a six percent decline against the U.S. dollar. The second most valuable cryptocurrency in the global market Ethereum price fallen down with a minor correction. The market demonstrated a strong 11-day rally from December 28, during which it surged …

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