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Report: The Impact of Quantum Computers on Bitcoins


Google has acheived quantum supremacy this year and it poses a potential threat to bitcoin. Deloitte in it’s latest report warns about google’s quantum supremacy  and risk to bitcoin’s blockchain. Since Google claimed quantum supremacy later this year, the impact of quantum computers on bitcoins and the blockchain network has …

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Is Long Term Holding of Bitcoin Really Safe?

bitcoin Death Cross

Google’s quantum supremacy has been the hell of awesomeness as it suggests that all the encrypted puzzles can be easily solved just 200 seconds overtaking powerful and advanced computers, which would take 10,000 years to perform the same. The exciting question is Can it break the highly encrypted BTC blockchain. …

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Will the advent of Quantum Computing make Bitcoin Obsolete by 2030?


Blockchain is the latest technology that is the driving force behind most of the cryptocurrencies in existence and is an efficient tool for data storage which provides a high level of security. But, there is another kind of technology in the tech industry already looking to obsolete the Blockchain trend, …

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