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Canadians Defraud Bitcoin Shareholder by Impersonating HitBTC Exchange

The Crypto scam: Fake Bitcoin Website Duped Investors Using The Name of MAS Chairman

Singh Khatkar brothers pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for committing wire fraud in a July 2018 Twitter scam. Defrauded shareholder of $ 140,000 BTC The brothers created a fake Twitter account then tricked the woman into sharing details of her statement. Two Canadian men who defrauded a $140,000 Bitcoin (BTC) …

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Scam Alert: Fake Bitcoin Platform Promises Return of 4000%

scam Alert

The people are so enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency nowadays that they believe anything in the news, but they should beware of the fake news and scammers. Nowadays, scammers are endorsing a never existing and harmful investment or trading platform for Bitcoin cryptocurrency utilizing the popular media and news articles. Fake Advertising …

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Cryptocurrency Scam: Indian Bank Manager arrested, runs crypto scam with fake digital coin


These days, Cryptocurrency is the most fascinating thing among most of the billionaires that leaves them becoming a crypto enthusiast. But the enthusiasm got too much for one of the bank manager in India. According to the reports of Business Standard, the manager of the private bank of India, Standard …

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An overnight exit from Cryptocurrency world, exit scam of Coinroom


On 2nd April 2019, Coinroom, a polish Cryptocurrency exchange, shut down immediately, stealing various customer accounts worth money up to $15000. After the shutdown, the founders go underground and there is no way to contact them. Maciej, one user of Coinroom stated that “We don’t know how much money they …

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BiteBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Again Inaccessible, The nightmare continues Despite BTC Rise


Cryptocurrency exchange BiteBTC Allegedly termed as SCAM exchange, found creating trouble for the users of the platform. In a recent move, the official Twitter account of the exchange announced as maintenance associated with the transition to the new data center, while many criticisms were made by suspicious users. The site …

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