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Crypto Market Survey: Generation Z seems apathetic to buy Cryptocurrency


A survey has been done recently to know how many people do really like cryptocurrency and how many are interested to buy it in the future. But it doesn’t seem to go so easy. Cryptocurrency has failed to show its charm and increase the enthusiasm among people, especially the Generation …

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Cryptocurrency Owners about 70% Rarely Use Crypto For Payments Says A Survey


A recent survey done by The foundation For Interwallet Operability {FIO} over 200 crypto owners reveals that the majority of crypto owners rarely use their crypto for payments, the reason behind was that some people are still nervous about making crypto transactions. The FIO, a consortium of crypto wallets, exchanges …

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Majority of Investors wants to Invest in Digital Currency, Survey Shows


Investment platform SharesPost published that 5th September a majority of accredited and retail investors plan to increase their crypto asset holdings over the next 12 months, according to a survey. The mid-year survey, which was conducted in July, polled 2,490 retail investors and 528 individual accredited and institutional investors. The …

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