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Tezos (XTZ) Price Prediction : XTZ/USD to Ride New Highs Amid New Partnership

In the world of Digital currency, Tezos is a renowned asset, maintaining its top 15th Position in CoinmarketCap, Tezos erupted into the crypto Land by collecting $232 million in their then record-breaking ICO. Tezos is a versatile blockchain that enables the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications. From the point of view of symbolic segmentation, it is very attractive because it facilitates formal verification and flexible governance in the chain. Tezos (XTZ) is eclipsing its price on Tuesday in the midst of reports that Estate tokenization was going to the multi-purpose stage through a white label organization with two blockchain organizations. The venture has significant ramifications on the fate of real estate tokenization, an addressable market that is esteemed up in the trillions.

Tezos and Real Estate

Tezos is stepping in the Real estate Market with Estate Tokenization, digitizing real-world assets and making them available to micro-investors. Some argue that the market for token assets, which includes financial and real assets, can be worth $ 24 trillion in the next six years.

The Partnership will include two firms namely Elevated Returns and AlphaPoint, where one is a real estate tokenization platform, and other supports security token offerings (STOs). Through this partnership with two major blockchain firms and Tezos will build a new digital real estate exchange to target the Southeast Asia market.

Elevated Returns uses AlphaPoint technology to create a new $ 1 billion digital real estate marketplace in the Southeast Asia region. Both companies will rely on the Tezos blockchain to launch their new real estate exchange, allow institutions to issue, and trade digitized assets.

Tezos’ rank will likely to raise the eyes of investors with the launch of New exchange. The platform has benefited from a virtuous cycle of news in recent months, including the announcement by Coinbase that users can now participate in the blockchain staking process.

XTZ Price Analysis –

The market fell to a low price at $ 1.20, while the lower Bollinger band was slightly bowed to the south. The 50-day SMA indicator is around USD 1.30. And, the price has been negotiated around this at the moment. Stochastic oscillators are now pointing south a bit above range 20. The market position of the XTZ / USD pair has trended downwards after a mark close to the US $ 1.50 on April 23. The pair has moved into a near-market range for a while before facing the current decline.

The 50-day SMA and the Bollinger Middle Band are now considered joint at a price range of 1.40 USD. Stochastic oscillators are now plunged into the oversold zone to consolidate. This depicts the intensity of the bears at this point of sale of the crypto-trade. The XTZ / USD market has suffered a valuation loss since the beginning of the trading sessions today. The cryptographic pair began its downward price trend, which was around $ 1.45 to reach a low of about $ 1.21.

It is obvious that the impact of bears on the XTZ / USD market is higher than that of bulls. As a result, the bull market assumption can be suspended pending a marked reversal. In addition, the 50-day SMA indicator is broken north in the process.

Tezos Price Prediction

The price predictions on XTZ are mixed. For example, the WalletInvestor website reports that Tezos will experience a sharp crash of up to $ 0.086 in 2020. Instead, Trading Beasts expects Tezos to grow from the second half of 2019 and an upper limit of $ 1.33.

Cryptoground has gone the extra mile to use algorithms and neural networks to project Tezos’ future. The results were favorable from the point of view of Trading Beasts; according to forecasts, it is expected to grow more than 4 times in the second half of 2019.

Analysts have become more cautious in their claims after the protracted bear market of 2018. At the beginning of last year, the price forecasts were much more optimistic and, in some cases, represented astronomical values ​​for XTZ that would seem unrealistic considering the current environment.

Well, the latest partnership and real-world use case can drive the bull run for Tezos and a sharp surge in price can be witnessed if market wholeheartedly welcomes the real world adoption of Tezos.

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