Theta blockchain designed for peer-to-peer video streaming. It means to be a decentralized video Content Distribution Network (CDN) by enabling anybody with spare bandwidth to end up video distribution nodes. These nodes are compensated through proof of work mining on Theta’s blockchain. To reasonably compensate nodes, Theta presents a novel concept of Reputation Dependent Mining that expands block rewards dependent on what number of customers a node is serving.

In a perfect world, the Theta blockchain will have a strong internal economy where streamers transfer video to Ingest Nodes that transcode video. Video dispersion hubs transfer the video to watchers and are remunerated by the quantity of watchers the nodeserves. Sponsors can publicize on Theta by paying streamers Theta tokens and watchers can give to streamers utilizing Theta tokens.

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Tether beats Bitcoin as the “World’s Most Used” Cryptocurrency

tether (1)

Bitcoin which weighs around 70% of all digital-asset world’s market value was beaten down by Tether which now reigns as the most used cryptocurrency in the digital market up to date.                 In toady’s finance market reports and results of any trade and volumes are hard to find in any charts …

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Cardano’s Price Analysis: ADA Bears Overpowering Bulls


The price of Cardano declined by -3.23% today and is trading at $0.037975 against the United States dollar. The RSI index indicated a Neutral signal and the MACD showing the Buy Signal as per the 4-hour chart. There is an immediate support level at a value of  $0.037372. Support areas …

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LongFin is another Prey on SEC’s net


LongFin corporation, which was founded in the Year 2017, located in New Jersey United States as a Cryptocurrency firm was caged down by the Securities and Exchange Commission to pay about $6.8 Million USD in charges, as a case ordered by a federal court in New York. LongFin has two …

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Litecoin Price Analysis: LTCUSD Price Moving With Bulls?


The price of Litecoin increases by 1.20% and is trading at $55.93 against the United state dollar. The RSI index indicated a Neutral signal and the MACD showing the bearish trend. Support areas are found at $52.9753 and $50.6379. Resistance areas are found at $57.1584 and $57.69 and $59.0041. Current …

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Block.One Charged $24M by SEC for Fraudulent ICO

eos (2)

EOS Blockchain giant paid a hefty charge of $24 Million to The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for performing an ICO (Initial coin offering) without any registration with SEC. is the developer of EOS Blockchain, the initial coin offering was conducted from 2017 to 2018 in which gained $4.1 …

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Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Crypto Market Opens in Green


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and traders are worried because of the low price of Bitcoin. Last week, Bitcoin market was in chaos as its price fell by more than a thousand dollars in an hour. The cryptomarket witnessed this dramatic crash last Tuesday. Bitcoin price value has since been hovering at …

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Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Will Bears turn to Bulls?

Verge XVG future Price

The price of Verge is increased today by 10.70% and is trading at $0.0034 against the United state dollar. The SMA of 10-day and 20-day indicating sell and the currency is unable to break out. The RSI of the Verge (XVG) is showing a Neutral Sentiment. Support areas are found at …

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