Theta blockchain designed for peer-to-peer video streaming. It means to be a decentralized video Content Distribution Network (CDN) by enabling anybody with spare bandwidth to end up video distribution nodes. These nodes are compensated through proof of work mining on Theta’s blockchain. To reasonably compensate nodes, Theta presents a novel concept of Reputation Dependent Mining that expands block rewards dependent on what number of customers a node is serving.

In a perfect world, the Theta blockchain will have a strong internal economy where streamers transfer video to Ingest Nodes that transcode video. Video dispersion hubs transfer the video to watchers and are remunerated by the quantity of watchers the nodeserves. Sponsors can publicize on Theta by paying streamers Theta tokens and watchers can give to streamers utilizing Theta tokens.

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Singapore Event Offers Unexpected Downfall to XRP As It Ailing Now

XRP bull run

Singapore centre witnessed the Swell event from November 7-8 adorned by the annual gathering that included industry leaders and the company executives. Earlier this week, San Francisco based fin-tech firm had claimed about moving beyond 300 customers mark with RippleNet stepping towards its pinnacle as it sees good transactions. The …

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Bitcoin Bulls Strugling to Surge Above $9500 Mark

Maintnance • Repair • Towing

Bitcoin is likely to climb above $9500 USD as per many predictions. Although from November 7th Bitcoin continued to fall below trying to keep the support levels at $9200 USD, considered to be the realistic approach by the predictors. Bitcoin as of today decreased its trade value by 2.29% from …

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Australian Home Affair Minister Warns Terrorist Financiers Exploiting Crypto

Australian home minister claims the misuse of Cryptocurrency for terror operations

Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton commented that cryptocurrencies are being exploited by terrorists for funding and their lethal intentions. He claims that the anonymity afforded by such technologies enables terrorist financiers to obfuscate their activities. Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton commented that cryptocurrencies are being exploited by terrorists for …

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NANO XRB Coin Price Prediction: Nano likely to Skyrocket in 2020 & 2025


The eco-friendly coin, Nano was designed and created in the year 2015 to provide higher value, unlike the traditional digital coins. It aims at providing fee-less transactions, consumes less power in doing so, work-intensive characteristics and also with faster transaction rates. It previously was called by the name RaiBlocks, which …

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FRED Energy — Looking Towards Future Energy Requirements


In many developed nations, there has been a gradual adoption of renewable energy systems by consumers, mostly aided by government initiatives and subsidies. There has it seems, been little urgency in the need for change towards consumer energy generation, possibly due to a perceived relative status quo of supply and …

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Outstanding Supply of DAI Stablecoin Reached 100M Debt Ceiling

dai stablecoin

DAI is a USD-pegged stablecoin based on the Ethereum blockchain and is completely decentralized. Its $1 USD proportional is kept up through programmed estimating components incorporated with smart contracts. When Dai is worth more than $1, the smart contract estimating components attempts to diminish the cost. On the other hand, …

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