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Tinder Could be a Big Deal for Dogecoin, Is this the Beginning of a Bull Run?

Some days back, Tinder declared that they would be accepting Dogecoin as a payment for their premium services. The Dogecoin people group appears to have grasped this news with lots of positive thinking, and in light of current circumstances. Tinder details demonstrate that as of March 2018, the stage had over 1.6 billion swipes per day.  That’s a huge number and if just a fraction of them were to embrace Dogecoin for premium payments, it could drive up transaction volumes on the Dogecoin network, and by extension its demand. 

Best of all, Dogecoin could really boost individuals to pay for premium services on Tinder. That is on the grounds that it is easier, cheaper, and doesn’t require as much data as conventional payment methods. It is way more comfortable and convenient to pay for a dating service in Dogecoin (DOGE) than to do so using a credit card.

Going by past market performance, when Bitcoin performs well, the rest of the market follows, and this time around is unlikely to be any different. Besides, this time round altcoins like Dogecoin (DOGE) already have a more entrenched base. 

The legitimacy of cryptocurrencies is also validated by its increasing adoption in troubled countries, case in point being Venezuela. As the perception that crypto is a safe alternative to fiat grows, crypto uptake will grow.

In essence, everything looks set up for a crypto rise, and Dogecoin has the tools to rise significantly this time around.  If the market pushes above the 2017 highs, and more platforms like Tinder take up Dogecoin (DOGE), then this crypto testing a $0.50 – $1 price range would be a realistic possibility.

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