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Triggers That Can Launch Crypto Market To The Moon

With Bitcoin garnering so much attention from the crypto world and even the outside world, there are some silent triggers from the altcoin world that can set the market on fire. While everyone is waiting for the Bitcoin boom to happen, an altcoin trigger would be the perfect catalyst to take the whole market up with the crypto and attain heights never scaled before.

The Litecoin FOMO Run

Litecoin has been witnessing a bullish run since the big announcement. The announcement of halving mining prices from 6th August this year has made the entire market go on a frenzy to mine as much as possible since then. The mining has risen the price of Litecoin so much that it has almost tripled the price it started with this year. There is no reason for people to stop mining until August 6.

This has been one of the biggest FOMO in the altcoin world and has thoroughly strengthened Litecoin’s position as a major player in the market. The price is expected to reach up to the US $220 before halving.

Ethereum’s Big Change

Another big announcement by a major cryptocurrency can disrupt the market. Ethereum announced that will changing from Proof of Work (POW) to Proof of Stake (POS). This can lead to a minor bull run as miners will earn direct rewards. The miners turning validators will now look to invest to get gains and that will make them collect amounts beforehand. This can blow up and be a major spark in getting the crypto market to new heights.

Ripple’s New Ledger

This trigger is more of a future speculation one. Ripple is launching its new platform for widespread use and trade of cryptocurrency called Ripple Interledger Protocol (IPL). It is said to go live in 2020 and can play a major role in crypto’s future. Being a decentralised ledger than everyone can use, it can be the first to truly bring crypto to mainstream. Ripple has been one of the best cryptos in the market and its reputation would suggest a bright future ahead of it.

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