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Tron Announces Partnership with Internet Giant Baidu

Decentralized Internet project TRON (TRX) and China’s largest search provider Baidu will corporate on cloud computing resources, according to an official tweet from the TRON foundation.

Tron Foundation revealed in its latest tweet that it would be working closely with Baidu, a China-based internet giant, to use their cloud solutions. Far from what seems like an official and detailed press release, today’s announcement nevertheless confirmed to Tron’s October 12 teaser in which it admitted partnering with a giant whose valuation was worth billions of dollars.

But to many who responded after Baidu’s name came to the limelight, the Tron partnership with the internet giant was no less an equivalent of, as a tweet quoted, “a sleeper’s partnership with his pillow.”

The Tron Foundation has today in its tweet presented the cooperation as being a bid to make “blockchain solutions more accessible for users and small businesses alike. End goal: mass adoption of #blockchain.”

ODaily further detailed that Baidu has plans “at the same time,” to release its so-called “Blockchain Commercialization Super Partner Plan v1.0,” which focuses on tech exploration and revenue sharing with “commercial superpartners,” and is reportedly based on the firm’s “Super Chain” infrastructure.

Baidu had first introduced the idea of commercializing its cloud blockchain Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform in a white paper focused on the development of its “Super Chain” network system, published late September.

Some crypto commentators have more broadly taken issue with the characterization of the Baidu-TRON agreement as a “partnership”; in a tweet,

“If I buy a computer with Microsoft Windows installed, I should not claim to have partnered with Microsoft without clarifying the limited nature of the partnership.”

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