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Tron (TRX) Price Prediction : Will Liverpool Partnership Denial Affect TRX/USD Prices?

This year has been an exciting one for Cryptoverse with the announcement of a number of collaborations between companies related to cryptocurrency and the real world. Including the VeChain recent partnership with Deloitte and BMW which spread like fire.

Sports and Cryptocurrency have always been an engrossing topic for the community, while many sportspersons endorsing blockchain projects and the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology with Litecoin’s partnership with GLORY and sponsorship of a UFC game in 2018. These events are usually indicative of the company’s future adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain as a business.

The recent announcement by the CEO of Tron mentioning that the platform has been invited to form a “partnership” with the legendary Liverpool Football Club grabs the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Justin sun posted a video on Twitter showing a red envelope that reveals a video of club manager Jurgen Klopp saying:

“We are Liverpool. It means more. It means more because you associate with … a philosophy, a philosophy that says more about you than being part of another football club in the world. “

However, it seems that Justin Sun has got it all wrong.

While confirming with Liverpool, the spokesperson completely denied this partnership, “Liverpool Football Club has confirmed that it does not have a partnership with Tron.”-He said.

Another spokesperson later said that Sun misinterpreted an informal invitation, which had been sent to many companies to “better understand” their activities.

Tron price Prediction

Tron [TRX] is the eleventh largest coin with the market capitalization of $ 1.53 billion and had a trading volume of $ 756.6 million over 24 hours. The coin was priced at $ 0.023, after declining 2.34% in the last 24 hours. Despite the major market crash, Tron (TRX) prices are recovering. With a reversal of the double bar bull that would probably be the basis of another rally recovering gains in early April, traders seem optimistic.

If we closely read the pattern, it indicates a cautious stand, despite TRX bullish breakout pattern. The Tron price chart indicates an upward trend of $ 0.012 to $ 0.028 and a downtrend of $ 0.024 to $ 0.013. The price was expected to track the previously negotiated $ 0.040 mark of resistance.

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