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Tron’s Justin Sun Attempt to Dig Up Dirt on Ethereum Backfires

Justin Sun, Founder of blockchain platform Tron, famously known in crypto space as a controversial figure. Justin Sun often presented itself as Ethereum Killer and never misses any chance to target ethereum, whether it is Ethereum’s scalability issue or its birthday. Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin has clashed with Justin Sun over Twitter on several occasions.

In a recent tweet by Justin sun, which sparked a lot of buzz in cryptoverse, Justin sun slammed Ethereum for charging high fees on USDT transaction and claim that Ethereum’s blockchain is incapable of handling USDT’s traffic which backfires on Tron as the crypto community has strongly come together in support of ethereum.

Justin sun suggested users try USDT transactions through TRON and other supported exchanges as Kucoin, poloniex and bitfinex. On April 17, USDT officially launched on TRON’s blockchain, where it offers hold and transfer via smart contract on TRON with a completely free and transparent process with zero transfer fee and instant delivery.

Though the negative remarks on Ethereum seem unfair to most of the people on twitter and because of crypto twitter bashed out at Justin Sun and defend Ethereum calling  Tron and Justin Sun crypto scams.

Many twitter users believe that Tron could not compare with Ethereum, referring Tron as ‘Shitcoin’ with no real worth at all.

Twitterati’s mockingly asked Justin sun about his lunch with warren Buffet which is been postponed since long.

This doesn’t end here, this tweet by Justin sun have an adverse effect on him, and raise questions on Tron’s blockchain.

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