Millions of people used to use free peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) networks and software client programs every day to swap music, video, and other files over the internet. While some P2P networks were shut down and other forms of file swapping took their place, some favorite P2P programs still exist in one form or another.

The P2P file sharing is very popular in today’s generation and especially in Europe, there are many apps used for P2P transfer but what if it hangs in between don’t work properly, slow in speed doesn’t work properly, with the things moving fast in the world we must the latest great cloud storage space technology.

Ubbey Box The world’s first decentralized cloud storage ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Universal Labs founder Keda Che is going to compete against Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud during the last hour of trading on Wall Street.

Universal Labs is a decentralized platform delivering a tangible blockchain product to the market. On May 18, 2018, a piece of news titled “Ubbey Box will kill Dropbox, Apple: Universal Labs founder” was everywhere Google. The incident originated from Associate in an interview with Keda Che CEO of Universal Labs, by Fox News, a well-known American Media platform.

Ubbey Box was claimed to replace the potential to interchange Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud, has attracted the eye of Liz Claman, a distinguished journalist at the US Media platform. Fox News. in line with its forecast, the cloud storage market in 2022 is calculable to succeed in 92 billion U.S. dollars, and what’s the Ubbey Box that claims to interchange Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud? What blessings will it have that it’ll replace Dropbox and Apple? Liz Claman, a distinguished Fox News reporter, interviewed Keda Che, CEO of Universal Labs, on these problems.

Ubbey Box is going to be the future of private data storage all over the world. Ubbey Box is that the 1st decentralized personal cloud high-powered by blockchain. it’s a pair of functions: foremost, it is used as a personal Dropbox – users will transfer their files or different content victimization their Ubbey Box and access it from all over. Secondly, it can even be used as a mining machine to mine Ubbey token, which can be rewarded to users after they give their space for storing to the Ubbey network. It is leading to rising large mining pools lead by centralization of authority in the resistance to the decentralized the intent of cryptocurrencies.

In the field of collaborative scientific computing, the important application has and privacy-preserving data mining, privacy-preserving data analysis, and more.

Universal Labs create the Ubbey Box not only for the blockchain professionals but also for average consumers who are not blockchain enthusiasts as the Universal Labs is Hong Kong-based therefore it aims to offer a product powered by blockchain that everyone can use and through that experience blockchain technology. Keda Che believes that it will give tough competition to its competitors as  Ubbey Box will be a killer to Dropbox for Intel, Google, Cisco, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.


Ubbey Box is a hardware device pioneered by Universal Labs. Ubbey Box is called “The King of Intelligent Shared Storage” that everyone can own, and some predicts Ubbey Box might replace Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. The Ubbey Box acts as a full node (miner) for the Ubbey Blockchain Network. Owning a Ubbey Box means you are part of the Ubbey Blockchain Network. The Ubbey Box is also used to mine for UBBEY Tokens by connecting the storage space around you to the network as well as using its own storage space! Here are Keda views on his platform:

Question: How and when did you get the Idea?

Keda: has been in the industry since 2015. I was trying so very hard to figure out the best use cast for blockchain technology.

Question: What makes it stand out from the other ICO’s?

Keda: We have a tangible product for people not only concept.

Question: What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

Keda: We delivered our Ubbey Box to the market.

Question: Which one is best – Marvels or DC Comics? Why?

Keda: This question is very hard. I am not a Marvel guy or DC guy. I love both of them. They all have very unique superheroes.

Question: What suggestions you would like to share for others who are looking forward to starting a company?

Keda: Love what you do but not only for being rich.

Question: How can World readers get involved in what you are doing?

Keda: They can try and buy our product Ubbey Box.


Universal Labs aim to disrupt each the offline storage and current public cloud-based storage systems. With Ubbey Box reachable, users will store their information each offline/cloud-based. Users may also use additional area in their Ubbey Box to secure their network through proof of storage agreement algorithmic rule and rewarded for securing the network at a similar time. The Ubbey Box is also used to mine for UBBEY Tokens by connecting the storage space around you to the network as well as using its own storage space!

Company nameUniversal Labs

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