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VeChain, Its Price Prediction as well as its correlation with the Crypto Market

VeChain, a foundation known for its astonishing capabilities of sealing strategic partnership has actually been one of its kind in the crypto market. In fact, within the initial months of 2019, the firm was able to seal quite a few partnerships very successfully and also announced that many more are yet to come.

Although it ends up having successful partners in the market, the worst part that still lies within is that its price has never shown significant growth during this period.

VeChain and the Market

Even without significant growth, VeChain has still managed to maintain an upward trajectory amid a bear market.

Now in order to understand this fact, we need to understand how does VeChain connect with the market. It’s actually quite notable that the most imperative reason why this firm is able to attract many partners is because of the blockchain that it offers.

It might not be a well-known fact, but VeChain blockchain offers a special method of tracking products, which is even tamper-proof, as they move through the supply chain. Not just this, in fact, along with its decentralized ledger technology the entire history of a product is publicly accessible making it quite simple for counterfeit items to be sniffed out.

Present and Future of the VeChain Prices:

As of now the price of VeChain is noted to be $0.006284 with a market capitalization of $348,471,685. Moreover, it is considerably up by 1.07% against the USD as well as down by 1.78% against the price of BTC. As far as the trading volume over a 24 hour period is concerned, it’s noted to be $11,410,662.

According to the VET Thor price prediction, which was announced on CryptoNewz, its firmly believed that the price still has the potential to move as high as $0.50. Although there is no technical backing or logic to support this prediction ultimately lets hope for the best.

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