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VeChain might make it to the recent token listings by OceanEx

Quite similar to Bitcoin as well as Ether, VeChain too is having some touch phases recently in the market.

As of now, the crypto is trading around $0.00507830 with an ROI of -66.79%. The other factors of VeChain like the Market Cap are around 276,999,765 USD whereas the 24 Hour Volume is somewhere around 27,419,440 USD.

As far as the 7 Day high/low is concerned, it’s 0.005547 USD / 0.004790 USD as per recent dynamics.

Brief Glance At VeChain’s Present Scenario

If we observe the movements of VeChain since the start of this month, it has been really volatile. As on the 5th of August, the price was around $0.005480. However, it drastically dropped by 13.35% on the 6th of August. On 7th August, the price was somehow able to manage a jump of 19.48% by the end of the day.

The cost, then again, dropped by 16.44% on 8th August with the exchanging estimation of $0.004736. The worth somewhat expanded from that point by 8.86% around the same time at 21:25 UTC exchanging at $0.005151.

The value was dropped again by 5.88% on ninth August with the exchanging worth changed to $0.004848, which is currently somewhat expanded starting today.

Great News for Vechain Users

No matter how worse the present scenarios might be, there is still a better hope of VeChain restoring its position.

This is so because of the recent announcement of Token Listing by OceanEx.

As per the listing, VeChain too is expected to be a part of it.

Well, it goes without saying that if that somehow happens, then there is no denial in the fact that the users will once again witness some really effective trading opportunities.

Let’s Look For The Predictions

Well, as of now it can clearly be said that the VeChain market is completely bearish.

However, this is undeniable that the new users are getting the most of it and are enjoying to be a part of it.

Moreover, if the token listing turns out to be true, the crypto might be able to recover once again.

Till then, the smartest way to avoid any loss is to play safe. And for that, there is no other option more effective than working with safer bids.

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