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VeChain once again invited to the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit as a speaker

Seed and Chips, an International Summit that primarily deals with food innovation from farm to fork or, in simple terms, an incredible junction where food and technology come together, has been a renowned firm for quite a few years now.

In fact, its Global Food Innovation Summit has been one of its most renowned as well as appreciated efforts where thousands of innovators, from all over the world, join hands together to build a better food system for all.

Well, the firm has recently been in the news of the crypto market because of its announcements.


As per the recent announcement made by the firm, the company once again invited the VeChain Foundation to their one of the most renowned events, i.e., the Global Food Innovation Summit, as one of the speakers.

As per the present details on the official website of Seeds and Chips, the event is about to start on 3rd of September and end on 5th of the same. The location of the event is decided to Melbourne, Australia.

As far as VeChain is concerned, it wholeheartedly accepted the invitation and confirmed some major details through an official twitter post.

The VeChain Foundation through its official tweet has confirmed that the GM of VeChain SEA as well as ANZ, Sarah Nabaa will be attending the Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit as a panelist.


Since this is no ordinary event, VeChain too has planned the best possible area of discussion for this Summit.

As per the sources, Nabaa has planned to share the enormous potential as well as the practical application of the Blockchain Technology. In fact, the speech will focus more on the blockchain application in the food business.

The part of the discussion panel that Sarah is going to be a part of is titled “Tracing Our Food System from FARM TO FORK”. Along with her, the other speakers on the panel will be David Inderias, i.e., the Co-Founder and CEO of Fresh Supply, ProfilePrint’s Executive Director as well as co-founder, Alan Lai and Rachel Gabato, the Ripple, IO’s COO.

Thus, the prime focus of the panel is going to be on the fact how blockchain can be effectively implemented for developing an extremely reliable as well as the transparent chain for food supply.

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