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VeChain – Personification of public private partnership by leading Seafood Trackathons

World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Oceans was the first to publicly recognize the need for an industry-driven technology and global framework for seafood technology. The essence was spotted in 2013 when it was keenly noted that more than 25% of fish catch is in an illegal way which totally is hidden from the official reports and surveys leaving no proof about its proper regulation. Thus due to no concrete reports, a number of illicit fishery channels often go unnoticed by the basic fisheries management. Seafood transparency has become a major need that needs to be considered in its growing market. The increasing requirements and prosperity of this sector also need proper harmony in all the rules and regulations governing it with updated business practices. Thus measurements that promote traceability and transparency in the seafood factor become a prominent step ahead.

21-22 October in Germany is going to see the second Seafood Traceability Hackathons followed by the third Hackathon in Bali from 26 to 27 October 2019. The Hackathons become an international platform that collects all business ideas and innovation to accelerate the developments of all the tools and strategies which can contribute to solving all the major issues faced by the industry. Constituted and backed by many intelligent minds of USAID Ocean and Fisheries Partnership and GS1 Germany , Hackathon is going to invite variety of technologies and solutions with business coordination to enhance all seafood traceability factors where more than 60 great industrialists, tech giants and people from manufacturing sector will come together for a profound discussion and analysis on seafood traceability.

Among the four major contestant categories. the GSDT has also made Blockchain Integration as important constituent which would share its traceability solutions based on blockchain principles which would be able to trace the whole seafood industry in a broader way from all the parts of the supply chain.

VeChain is the sole blockchain sponsor of both the Hackathons which is also a very famed public blockchain platform.  And of course, the winners of the Hackathons will be awarded a heavy prize which would include the VeThor token VTHO which corresponds to upto 10000EUR. Not only this, but the top participants will also get an opportunity to become a part of the Vechain’s ecosystem by participating in its accelerator and bounty programs.

Arnaud Bauer, VeChain’s Europe Project Manager will bring all the technologies based on the VeChain Toolchain APIs, which is a very efficient product that enables the individuals to easily deal with blockchain technology, even a novice can learn to operate it in an efficient and elegant way. One of the biggest obstacles for non-blockchain business firms was to operate its complex mechanism but VeChain makes this intricate system an easy task. Thus this technology will be shared with the mainstream enabling all the representatives to effectively build blockchain-based applications to make their business prosperous. Thus Vechain has simplified the complex mechanism of the blockchain system and contributed to the overall execution of the project significantly. Thus VeChain will also get a golden opportunity to attract many smart minds into its ecosystem which would also improve the transaction rates and its overall worth.

According to the official site of VeChain,it is a platform which tries to associate the intricate blockchain technology with the real world by simplifying it in the most eloquent version and adding it with Internet of Things for automation as it believes that more, the system becomes automatic, easier it is to trace the actions as it becomes more transparent . Bringing IoT in governance can be a very effective method to deal with corruption and malpractices.

Its an amazing story of VeChain marking a significant entry in the economical sector for the overall progress, so technology embracing the economy becomes a banquet for the society, technology helping in governance brings a flavor to it and profit on both sides, the public and the private sector adds icing to the cake.

So the GDST hackathon is no lesser than a grand feast for all those who want to make a tremendous fortune with service to the society.

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