Every year, mankind is consuming more and more energy. The electricity of the burned fuel is used to dig the cryptocurrency. Since the exchange rate of the currencies is currently falling, there is a need to buy more powerful miners.

Energy is the most vital social resources. It ought not simply the system specialist co-ops just taking the benefits. Prior brought together overseen control framework, ought to almost certainly co-made by prosumers and investors. Customers, as the financially and socially marginalized renters, more often than not will be the person who got the effect, if there is falling system utilization happened Finding a way how to be able giving incentive the prosumers is important.

By the changing worldwide technology revolutions, it is conceivable to changes the power balance among consumers and centralized power authorities.

The VenusEnergy team supports the idea of a pure world and seeks to propagate the use of renewable energy sources in daily activities. VenusEnergy offers to use electricity from renewable energy sources to mine cryptocurrency. This is especially relevant for server farms that consume a very large amount of energy. It is worth investing in the VenusEnergy project not only for a beautiful idea of having a cleaner world but also for the financial benefits.

Valdas Lukauskas (CEO and COO of VenusEnergy) says the VenusEnergy team got inspired by a scientist, future, and inventor Jacque Fresco and his project Venus. We were fascinated by his philosophy and attitude towards the world and decided to support his ideas (a world without war, violence and the importance of saving natural resources) through blockchain. This is how the idea to join green energy and blockchain turned into reality. It’s not a secret that mining uses a lot of energy produced from fossil fuel; to minimize the impact to the environment we offer a green alternative while using renewable energy sources.

Question: What makes it stand out from the other ICO’s?

VENUSENERGY – Go Green for Future Generations!

  1. The first investors, until the end of the Soft Cap fund collection, will receive 50% more than the token amount invested during the ICO period. And when buying Hard Cap funds, the investor gets 20% more tokens until the end of the ICO.
  2. At the end of the ICO period, Venus tokens will be uploaded into the Crypto exchange offices, where you can invest in buying and selling of the tokens.
  3. VENUS Token holders for mining will get 20% cheaper energy than the cheapest energy sold in the EU (Our price: 0.032 EU per 1 KWh).
  4. You can mine up to 24 different cryptocurrencies on the three most popular platforms: SHA256, Ethash, and Equihash.
  5. If mining becomes unprofitable, VENUSENERGY and the customer can agree to halt the mining and the customer will receive a lump sum for electricity.

Question: What suggestions you would like to share for others who are looking forward to starting a company?

VENUSENERGY: All offers that will increase our ICO sales.

Question: What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

VENUSENERGY: The greatest achievement is every day – our contribution to a cleaner world.


Venus energy believes in the future of DLT, keeping the environment clean and spreading our VenusEnergy token will gather together a community which supports the same ideas as VenusEnergy team. We will build a platform for sharing mining power with VenusEnergy holders. Together we can do both save the world and mine cryptocurrencies. Click here to know more about Venus energy.

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