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Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Will Bears turn to Bulls?

  • The price of Verge is increased today by 10.70% and is trading at $0.0034 against the United state dollar.
  • The SMA of 10-day and 20-day indicating sell and the currency is unable to break out.
  • The RSI of the Verge (XVG) is showing a Neutral Sentiment.
  • Support areas are found at $0.0031 and $0.0030.
  • Resistance areas are found at $0.0038, 0$.0040 and $0.0045.

Current Status of Verge (XVG): Currently, Verge is trading at the value of $0.003460 and its value is increasing by 10.70%. The market capitalization of the currency is $52,048,801 and the 24-hour volume of the Verge is $2,007,879. The circulating supply is 15,966,689,859 XVG and the ROI is > 9000%. The currency is ranking at the position of 74.

The currency has been through ups and downs in the market last week. The currency started with this week with $0.004269 at 10:24 UTC and the market capitalization of the currency is $68,097,074 on Monday 22nd September. On Tuesday, the currency hovering between the values of $0.0039 to $0.0041, however the currency experience bearish pressure on Wednesday and the currency’s value reach up to the value of $0.003293 at 10:24 UTC.

On Thursday, the value of currency again started to linger between the price range of $0.0031 to $0.0034 and on Friday, the currency value was a bit stable around the value of $0.0032. On Saturday, the currency reached the value of $0.003529 at 16:24 and the market capitalization of the currency was $56,329,212, but the currency doesn’t stay there for long. On the other hand, the currency values again started to trade between the range of $0.0031 to $0.0033 on Saturday and Sunday.

Verge Price Analysis and Technical Analysis: As we mention that the currency is moving with the bullish movement in the market, but the currency is unable to break out the SMA of 10-day and 20-day. The moving averages are showing strong sell signals in the market. The value of RSI is 36 and it is showing neither green nor red signal and remains neutral. On the other hand, MACD of the 12 and 26 levels are in the red area and the sell signal is on.

The currency’s main support levels lie at the values of $0.0031 and the $0.0030. The main resistance levels of the currency are $0.0035, 0.0038 and further these values there is strong resistance around the value of $0.0040. The currency is currently moving with bulls, but the bears still have upper hand as the RSI and MACD are in the red zone and if it is able to break the value of $0.0035 and then the value of $0.0040 then the bulls will have the upper hand. On the other hand, if the currency again breaks down then it will go below the value of $0.0030.


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