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Verge (XVG) Price Prediction : XVG/USD Price Surge Expected Amid New Partnerships

The Currency Launched in 2014 under the name of DogeCoinDark, the coin was renamed Verge in 2016 and begins to be noticed afterward. It uses protocols known as TOR (The Onion Network) and the I2P network layer to obtain complete anonymity and non-traceability for each transaction. Verge pioneer in maintaining total confidentiality in every transaction has always been a priority area for the cryptocurrency market.

Verge Latest Partnership with NetCent

Verge (XVG) is considered one of the safest platforms in the cryptoverse and continues to build partnerships in various sectors. His partnership with Netcent has been a topic of discussion for some time because this partnership plays a vital role in the coin. While with the partnership, It is expected that debit cards domiciled in XVG will be issued to the holders and which will directly affect the price of coin and XVG can see an increase in the user base with this development.

Verge (XVG) Partnership with Trust.Zone VPN

Verge (XVG) announces a new partnership agreement, another new with gifts for users. This partnership is a big step forward for Verge. In addition to the wide adoption submitted for Verge, crypto projects will be viable for additional layers of security and privacy.

While Verge (XVG) is using and accepting VPN services more than ever, TrustZone notes that anonymous VPN service users who pay with XVG will receive a 10% discount from the end of 2019.

Alex Edwin, one of the founders of Trust.Zone, said in a statement that the collaboration would provide the privacy desired by Internet users.

“Anonymous VPN service + Anonymous Cryptocurrency may change the way you surf the Internet. We make the Internet, the way it was meant to be – secure, safe and anonymous. We want to provide all internet users who care about their online privacy and use of personal information with the highest level of online security and protection,”

Edwin stated.

Market Forecast for Threshold Prices by Analysts

In a truly unpredictable market, predicting the price of cryptocurrency is more of a gamble and a chance than data estimated by numerical estimates.

Let’s look at important publications and personalities, as well as their predictions on the price of Verge (XVG), which will give us another perspective to consider:


The cryptoground.com algorithm saw green in the second half of the year for XVG, estimating it would reach $ 0.0281 by the end of the year.

Wallet Investor

Walletinvestor.com, one of the best crypto market analysis sites, estimates that the coin threshold can reach up to the US $ 0.138 by the end of 2019. They even claim that in five years, the XVG could increase by 2 to 3%.

Mega Crypto Price

According to Algo forecasts, the XVG could reach 0.7401 USD in 2020 (Price Prediction Verge Coin 2020). They even added that in 2023, Verge could reach $ 2.39.

Coin Fan

Coin Fan estimates that by the end of 2019, the XVG could reach $ 0.172 and that in the lower part it could reach $ 0.127. By 2020, the XVG format could reach between $ 0.45 and $ 0.61, according to the forecasts of Coin Fan.

Digital Coin prices

This website estimates that the XVG could reach $ 0.0257 by the end of 2019 and could reach $ 0.043 in 2022. It even indicates a fall in prices in 2023 and predicts that XVG could be devalued to $ 0.041.

Trading Beasts
Trading Beasts expects the XVG to reach around $ 0.05 by the end of 2019. This forecast is very pessimistic. They even said that in 2020, the XVG could be around $ 0.07.

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