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Vitalik Buterin: Higher Ethereum Price Good for Security and Development of Ecosystem

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum (ETH) co-founder says that top ether price is vital each for network security and therefore the wider ecosystem’s development. Buterin created his remarks throughout associate his remark in an interview for Laura Shin’s crypto-focused “Unchained,” hosted at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and live-streamed on March 20.

In response to Shin’s question on whether or not protocol designers and project leaders ought to be specializing in the question of a cryptocurrency’s value, Buterin stated the “earlier rhetoric” of the Ethereum project, that had expressly downplayed the importance of the asset’s value:

“In part, it was counter-signaling to distinguish ourselves [Ethereum] from other crypto projects that do pumping and Lambo-ing way too much. But it was also about minimizing legal risk by basically trying to make the project seem more distant from something that would be covered by financial regulation.”

In today’s context, he continued, regulators are additionally informed with the cryptocurrency space and blockchain comes, and so “even if individuals attempt to claim the worth doesn’t matter the least bit, then the regulators are wholly progressing to see through that.” In relation to his own views, Buterin made two cases for strong asset value, arguing:  

“I can tell you what things are clearly important about why the price is higher rather than lower is good. One of them is obviously security. If the price is zero, then the network can’t be secure. That’s true in proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.”

His second argument hinged on the very fact that the creators and participants incomes among a given crypto scheme tend to possess a stake within the token, and so as holders, they’re prospectively better-funded to develop their work if asset’s worth remains high.

In a recent speech at Token 2049 in Hong Kong, Buterin argued that blockchain applications outside of finance face additional issue gaining traction, noting that finance is “realistically the primary blockchain application that may in all probably achieve wide-scale adoption.”

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