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What is iFinex’s Unus Sed Leo? Leo Price Analysis 2019-2020

UNUS SED LEO is among the latest cryptocurrencies roaring in the crypto market and marked its appearance in May 2019 backed and introduced by Bitfinex exchange.  Leo managed to give a significant push to Bitfinex and further brought it to the mainstream. The first concrete evidence was a substantial gain of $1.8 bln. About one billion tokens were produced and were sold for $1 with the initial exchange offer, and the tremendous profit offered to them by Leo made them come among the top 20 protagonists on the stage of crypto market, and the vast fortune clearly states that the initiation had been one of the most prosperous crypto projects.

A glimpse at the advantages of UNUS SED LEO

Leo had been so designed to offer innumerable benefits to the users as well as the producers. The basic principles Leo is going to follow will be to renew the budget of the Bitfinex and creating more and more opportunities for the customers while focusing on iFinex ecosystem progress. The focus will be to attract and benefit many customers by offering advantages like-

  1. The reduction of commission fee on Bitfinex and Ethfinex by 15%, which further applies to all other cryptocurrencies so a person who is having a single crypto coin in his pocket can easily access Leo.
  2. The customers who manage to gather 50 million coins will get a straight discount of 25% on currency withdrawal, and no withdrawal fee is required to be paid.
  3. 05% discount is also accrued monthly, and this applies to every 10000 USDT held in Leo.

Thus the users in all the ways are offered many discounts and are also viewed the future options and opportunities associated with the giant project.

Recyclable nature of LEO

As stated by the white paper of the growing project, Bitfinex will spend 27% of its profit every month to purchase the sold coins back at the market rate, interestingly the coins repurchased will be burnt, and the money associated with it will be added to the budget. The project if it does not grow to be very successful, it will be merged with other services provided by iFinex. Leo will become a utility token in the upcoming services that iFinex will bring shortly to the cryptomarket. Some examples of the forthcoming platforms are Bitfinex derivatives,ifinex Leo platform, BazaarDazaar, Betfinex, Eosfinex.

UNUS SED LEO Price analysis- a slow move down but masses feel that it can bounce back

Initially sold for $1 the past few weeks had not been very generous with Leo as it had seen a fall to about $0.97.The analysts feel that this is a critical point for the crypto. With a market capitalization of $1001326767USD and with a circulating supply of $999498893USD the trading volume recorded was only $11.8 million in the last week which stated that Leo has started moving down slowly but if we see the most recent report at the time of writing, its value has again touched its  initial $1.00USD equivalent to 0.00012473 BTC and it stands in the top 15 positions with a rank of 12.

Aiming at the restoration of Bitfinex popularity, the company had ensured to make the project visible to the public in the most précised and vivid details initially it enjoyed a number of positive reviews, but now it is going down slowly, but, remarkably, within a short period of time the novice Leo had touched that level of zenith which gigantic coins had failed to despite being older. So Leo has the potential to roar even louder, even if we see the investors, most of them believe the same thing and are very hopeful that Leo would do even better in the time coming.

The optimistic expectations renowned personalities are continuously adding to its momentum like  David Byrne from Token Hall stated that it is likely to test $1.9 resistance level in the time coming, also most of the quora users and Trading view users felt that it would either go up or would remain at the same position . many analysts too predicted something similar , they also said that in a year Leo would touch $6 value and even in the worst scenario it will not go below its current level which is an excellent complement for a new player like Leo. Despite the slow-moving down nature of the coin, a mass feels that it can bounce back and retain its position.

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