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Will Cajutel be a good investment in 2019?

If in the New financial year, you have questioned if Cajutel will be a good investment or not, we might have the answers for you. 
As of 2019, we acknowledge that CAJUTEL is worthy of being considered as an investment due to its long-term potential. 

CAJUTEL as an investment: Is it worth your money? 

CAJUTEL is currently at number 275 on the cryptocurrency classification list and is trading at $18.55 with a market capitalization of $13,208,992 USD at this time.

Cajutel has witnessed it’s historical high in November, trading at $ 131.38 USD. Since then, it has fallen approximately 86.1% only in the year.

Source: CoinMarketCap 

The market, in general, has experienced a fall to the downside and, therefore, the tragic fall of CAJUTEL is not entirely unexpected.

Before deciding whether it is worth investing in the cryptocurrency, let’s look at what it offers in terms of an asset.

Should you invest in CAJUTEL? 

CAJUTEL has reached some impressive achievements this year. with the recent listing on Mercatox exchange.

The objective of Cajutel is to provide 100% solar powered high-speed internet to West Africa. Cajutel is using Blockchain innovation as an instrument to raise capital to improve the benefits of the Internet in Guinea Bissau and Guinea.

Africa is a continent that lacks electricity, drinking water, access roads, Internet, among others, it is not available, not because of lack of resources, but because of the absence of honest, transparent and safe technical and administrative processes. Cajutel Internet will be powered by solar energy and will not be affected due to lack of energy availability.

It is clear that the company has made a firm place in the market due to the technology it offers. 
The legitimacy that the currency has since it is backed by real-world assets, is solid. 
It guarantees that, in the long term, the currency will not only fade, but it will remain firm in the market.

Predicting the price of CAJUTEL in 2019: 

Most experts believe that CAJUTEL will see some serious progress in the next year, mainly due to its support for real-world telecommunications assets.

Due to the large amount of traction that this platform is now receiving, the price may go up to $200 in the coming year following the recognization by institutional investors.

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