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Yet another departure of a senior executive from COINBASE. WHAT IS WRONG?

Coinbase, one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchange, seems to have lost its stability as it is once again losing one of its executives.

The vice president for Coinbase’s International Business, Dan Romero, stated that he is planning to quit his job by the end of this month as per his announcement on Friday. While reasons are still unknown but Romero has clearly indicated that this is going to be his last month in the Coinbase.


As far as the exact data is concerned, it was found that Romero joined Coinbase in April 2014, and truth be told Coinbase had only 20 staff at that period of time. Since then till the present scenario, when Coinbase has more than 700 staffs, Romero has worked on enormous aspects of Coinbase business, be it the banking partnership or both consumer as well as institutional business.

This clearly indicates that Dan is one of the most experienced as well as the oldest employee at Coinbase which makes this decision by him really questionable.


Staying true to a mission often requires doing hard or even unpopular stuff. But I have been lucky enough to learn first-hand that it’s those hard things that often generate more value. He also mentioned that in order to design his future plans he would need some more time and solitude.


Though there is no deny in the fact that Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges where it has raised more than $300 million late last year giving it a valuation of $8 billion, there is something that is leading to a series of departures.

Christine Sandler, the Coinbase,s director of institutional sales, left Coinbase two weeks ago. Later it was found that he joined Fidelity Investments which is one of the world’s largest financial services providers. Along with Sandler, the firm also witnessed the departure of Soups Ranjan this year who was the exchange’s director of data science as well as risks.

Since October there have been more than 9 other senior as well as mid-level employees who have left Coinbase for one reason or other.

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