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You think you know “Who Created Bitcoin”; WELL THINK AGAIN

Bitcoin has undoubtedly been one of the most eminent buzzwords since very long. Well, it has got enormous reasons for its fame, be it its fluctuating price or its uncontrolled profits.
However one of the most amazing as well as thrilling fact about Bitcoin is “WHO CREATED BITCOIN ?”.

Well, this is the one thing that has actually ignited the curiosity in the crypto market to the next level. As far as the present scenario is concerned, the only thing we have in mind when it comes about the creator of Bitcoin is a name called Satoshi Nakamoto. No Face No Identity, just a name, i.e, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Why is this dilemma entering the market all over again?

The whole dilemma of who created Bitcoin has once again become debatable in the crypto market because of the Craig Wright, Australian crypto entrepreneur.

14th April saw a really astonishing incident when Craig Wright strongly stated that he is the creator of Bitcoin and claimed he himself is the anonyms person Satoshi Nakamoto. He even showed his eagerness to prove this fact in the court with complete evidence.

Things started to seem more intense when Wright, through his letters, started threatening to sue Peter McCormack, who is a crypto podcaster. He also expressed his anger for the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Speaking about McCormack, Wright said that Peter is wholeheartedly denying the fact that Wright is Satoshi. He also added that he is threatening them because they are already high profile members of the crypto community and their words do matter.

Truth be told, this is not the first time Wright claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin. In fact, he first reported this fact in 2016. He also pointed out the fact that the only reason the industry is trying to silence me is that he perceives Bitcoin as a fraud and Champions Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) as the one true Bitcoin.

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