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Zcash is all set to be at the Top in the Crypto World

Zcash, its CEO, as well as the entire firm, seems to be on a mission to achieve excellence in the crypto world by providing the most elegant services to the users.

Established in the year 2016, Zcash was actually initiated as an encrypted as well as privacy enhanced fork of bitcoin. Moreover, October 2018 saw a major protocol in Zcash, namely Sapling. According to the executive director of the Zcash Foundation, Josh Cincinnati, Sapling is perhaps one of the biggest improvement of the protocol till date and its undoubtedly huge.

Wilcox, the founder as well as CEO of ECC, firmly believes the fact that there is a need of high scalability at layer one so that we can reach the mission of empowering each and everyone with economic freedom and opportunity. However, he also figured out that there are several other proposals at hand too and one of the most important out of them is extending Zcash to a level so that it becomes programmable like Ethereum.

There has been one more imperative news that has managed to grab a lot of attention recently. According to Cincinnati, for the first time in the protocol’s history, new Zcash Improvement Proposals(ZIP) process or new ZIPs will be reviewed by a representative from the ECC as well as Zcash Foundation.


Truth be told, initially, the implementation of ZIP was entirely up to the ECC and as far as the Zcash Foundation is concerned, it was primarily a grant-giving organization.

However last month, there was an announcement by the Foundation which stated steps to become more actively engaged in the protocol development process alongside the ECC.

Now for the network upgrade which is scheduled by the Electric Coin Company to activate in April 2020, ZIPs will have to undergo a process of review by two so-called ‘ZIP editors’.

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