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The First Blockchain Network “National team” Accelerates Public Infrastructure Building

The First Blockchain Network "National team" Accelerates Public Infrastructure Building

The first Blockchain Service Network Partner Conference was recently launched on the Blockchain Service Network Technology Alliance in China. The technology partnership for the block-chain Service (BSN) is a development alliance joining ceremony and involves signing a cooperation agreement. BSN has launched FISCO BCOS (the open-source blockchain system of Weizhong …

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ICC Partners up with Singapore Based AirCarbon

ICC AirCarbon (1)

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has decided to use the AirCarbon exchange to foster a carbon credit-trading network for air travel. Headquartered in Singapore, AirCarbon is a commodities exchange that designs and distributes and trades carbon credits using the blockchain technology of Ethereum. The ICC intends to use its …

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Freewallet Use Cases and Features


Launched in 2016, Freewallet has as its mission the development of easy-to-use crypto apps. At the heart of the platform is its Crypto Wallet, which helps manage multiple coins, and 20+ single currency apps for both Android and iOS. The Crypto Wallet app has also a web interface. Freewallet supports …

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