Sweden to soon launch its CBDC in the coming five years

CBDC leader of Europe will issue its own digital e-Krona tokens within the next five years Currently, the central bank digital currency is in...

Goldman Sachs Is Watching Out For Digital Assets

Solomon added that the bank actually couldn’t go about as a head for cryptoIt intends to offer Bitcoin venture items to its abundant board...

Chair Jerome Powell on Archegos breakdown, currency market reserves, and a U.S. digital dollar capability

Twenty-two million positions were lost between February and April 2020. The S&P 500 had dropped almost 34% in a monthThis week, Scott Pelley talked...
Digital Dollar

US administration takes stock of potential Chinese digital yuan threat

The Chinese CBDC may threaten the US dollar's sovereignty as the global reserve currency.China is currently a leader in the bank-regulated digital currency realm.US...

Global Perspective of a China’s Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currency is a national digital currency of each country aiming for integrity in financial transactions.The second round of digital yuan trials...
Peter Thiel

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel apprises of the situation in a virtual event

China may be cunningly pushing for Bitcoins to counter the US dollar's long-standing dominance as a reserve currency.China's rapid research and operations also fuel...
Bank of Thailand

BoT launches CBDC venture and proceeds for public opinion

The BoT has strictly instructed that anyone using stablecoin for transactions will be penalized from futureThe Bank has circulated a form to consider...
Bank of Japan

Bank of Japan Initiates the First Phase of CDBC Testing

PoC Phase 1, with an expected duration of 1 year, will establish a systematic experimental environment to test and verify CBDC's fundamental services.BOJ proclaimed...

Bank of Korea chief remarks that CBDC will lead to devaluation of private cryptos

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are cryptocurrencies specific to a given country.Several countries are experimenting with this new technology as the popularity of blockchains...
Asian markets

Jeremo Powell wants US Citizens investing in cryptocurrencies

Jerome Powell, US Federal Reserve Chairman, is worried about the growing repercussions of cryptocurrencies could have on the US citizensBank of International Settlement hosted...
bitcoin price or ethereum

CBDCs could be Kryptonite for soaring Bitcoin price

The Bitcoin price volatility is giving its potential to Ethereum and CBDCsEthereum could surpass Bitcoin in terms of security, as the DeFi ecosystem is...

Chinese Authorities Unearth New CBDC Scam

Local Chinese authorities have caught wind of a scam The scam promised all recipients a part of a pool of $186 million in virtual...
central bank

The Synchronization of Public and Private Money in the Digital Age

The current economy represents a dual monetary spaceThe private sector provides innovation and product diversity, the public sector ensures stability and efficiencyWith the emergence...

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Urban Tea Inc To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Like BTC, ETH, DOGE

Will accept payments in cryptos like BTC, ETH, DOGE, and so onThe main aim is to present scenarios involving the usage of cryptoCompany to...

Wall Street Traders Use Tried And Tested Tricks In $2.4TCrypto Jungle

After a couple of decades of trading within the energy sector, a Wall Street veteran has gained a second wind in trading, and this...

Harmony One Token Accumulation Zone Expands, Expected To Hit $0.05

ONE coin continues to move inside the accumulation zone. However, the breakout of the accumulation zone is expected soonThe coin is trading closely with...

HashCash to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange for a UAE Based Company

HashCash will need to take care of Sharia Compliance for crypto regulations It has also been working on NFTs developmentIt deploys a separate team that...