Bitcoin Taproot Activation Starts; Miners Now Have 3 Months to Get on Board

Bitcoin’s Taproot update has finally commencedThe upgrade is long overdueActivation to occur in November if 90% of users agree It has been touted as a...

Chinese Coin Miners Flocking To New Crypto Chia Results In Hard Drive Shortages And Price Surges

A new cryptocurrency dubbed Chia is leading to a surge in demand for quality storage drivesChia uses proof-of-space to verify transactions,The price of such...

MSI to Shorten Warranty on Russian GPUs to Just 6 Months

At the moment, only the cards associated with crypto-mining seem to be undergoing warranty-period reductionNot inclined to buy products with lesser guarantee, people now...

The9 involved in the ground-breaking purchase of 2,000 Bitcoin mining rigs

The gaming company, The9 Limited, reveals plans to acquire Bitcoin miners' stash.If the purchase is successful, the company would have an additional mining power...
Chinese Mining Farm

Future Fintech invests a heavy amount of $9M to acquire a Chinese mining farm

Future Fintech recently acquired ownership of Nanjing Ribensi Electronic Technology Co., a Chinese mining farmThe U.S. tech firm bought the Chinese Bitcoin miner for...
crypto mining

Fourth Richest Man of Norway to make a move in crypto minings

Ole Andreas is investing in the domain of crypto mining, being the fourth richest man in NorwayThe Harmonychain is planning towards building a dual-purpose...
Bill Gates

Bill Gates is highly concerned with crypto causing climate change

With the growing popularity of BTC, Bill Gates is concerned about the consequencesThe major consequences would be very high use of electricity leading to...

MSI is all in favor of crypto mining, promotes it on its gaming laptops

MSI recently issued a blog supporting usage of its GE76 Raider to access the service of mining cryptocurrenciesThe laptop in the respective context symbolizes...
Crypto Mining

Start-up accelerator launches a crypto mining farm in Argentina’s Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata was selected for the building of the project of crypto mining in ArgentinaThe project received huge funding of 45 million pesos...
Crypto Mining

Crypto miners hoovering up gaming laptops

Crypto miners from China, Taiwan, and South Korea are buying large stocks of laptops fitted with RTX 3000 GPUsAMD and Nvidia remains top sellers...
Crypto mining

Iranian Government Proposes The Plan for Launching Crypto Mining Farms

The reports stating the need and capturing the opportunity for employee engagement.The aim is to reduce electricity losses.The Government of Iran's growth perspective to...

Bitframs Marks Outstanding Acquisiton in Crypto Market

Bitfarms having an acquisition of 48,000 MicrobtThe viewpoint of expansion leads to the purchase of machinesThe strength to add operational infrastructure by the firm The...
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The Rising Volume of Crypto Mining Notes a Consequential Surge in Electricity Consumption

The energy needed to produce Bitcoin soared significantly during its historic riseBitcoin mining is an enormously energy-intensive processEnvironmentalists suggest that mining is a significant...

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Urban Tea Inc To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Like BTC, ETH, DOGE

Will accept payments in cryptos like BTC, ETH, DOGE, and so onThe main aim is to present scenarios involving the usage of cryptoCompany to...

Wall Street Traders Use Tried And Tested Tricks In $2.4TCrypto Jungle

After a couple of decades of trading within the energy sector, a Wall Street veteran has gained a second wind in trading, and this...

Harmony One Token Accumulation Zone Expands, Expected To Hit $0.05

ONE coin continues to move inside the accumulation zone. However, the breakout of the accumulation zone is expected soonThe coin is trading closely with...

HashCash to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange for a UAE Based Company

HashCash will need to take care of Sharia Compliance for crypto regulations It has also been working on NFTs developmentIt deploys a separate team that...